Bite-Sized Lessons Make It Easy

In the real world, you simply can’t afford to spend days on end studying for the CPA Exam. Balancing the demands of your career, family, and other responsibilities leaves you with precious little study time.

Traditional CPA review courses are becoming less and less realistic. They present the material in lengthy segments that takes hours to complete, making it difficult for you to successfully master the entire lesson in one sitting. What’s more, they provide you with few opportunities to complete practice questions and review the material.

Bite-Sized Lessons: Your real-world solution for CPA Exam success.

Wiley CPAexcel created Bite-Sized Lessons℠ for real-world CPA Exam candidates just like you. These efficient mini-lessons cover everything you need to know about a specific exam topic in as little as 30 minutes.

  • Learn more material, at a faster pace – At the end of each short section, you’ll already have completed a full lesson, including study text, exam questions, flashcards, task-based simulations and more.
  • Get more hands-on CPA Exam practice – Shorter, segmented lessons give you more opportunities to test your knowledge and monitor your progress. This active learning environment keeps you engaged throughout the exam preparation process for higher passing scores.

Experience a Bite-Sized Lesson for yourself by registering for a free Wiley CPAexcel Course trial.