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All Wiley CPAexcel Course packages include everything you need to pass the CPA Exam. Learn more about the course features and components here.

Exam Planner & Personalized Study Schedule

Wiley CPAexcel’s unique Exam Planner is a quick and simple way to plan all the actions you need to take and
pass the CPA Exam. Using actual study hours completed by successful candidates, Exam Planner creates your Personalized Exam Plan and schedule. The Exam Planner provides you with detailed dates and assignments to ensure that you stay on track and are completely prepared for exam day.

Create a Personalized Study Schedule simply by entering your preferred testing date for each exam section. A customized timeline will illustrate the exam events that will require your action (e.g. apply to sit) along with the study assignments you need to complete to be ready to pass each exam. Additionally, your personalized Exam Plan will also monitor and alert you of important exam event milestones like submitting applications and upcoming exam dates.

Manage your progress against milestones in your Exam Plan:

  • Track your completion of your assignments
  • Display the title of your next assignment
  • Provide alerts and reminders to keep you on track

The unique Wiley CPAexcel course format combined with this Personalized Exam Planner allows you to create the perfect schedule for your needs and goals. Take your time, or pass the exam in a hurry.

Diagnostic Exams & Strategy Support

Quickly discover your strengths and weaknesses in every subject area before you begin to study. Each Bite-Sized Lessons℠ includes a Diagnostic Exam which indicates your current knowledge level in that area. Using the Diagnostic Exams, you can determine which subjects you have already mastered, and where you need to focus your study time for the greatest score improvement.

Performance Metrics

Performance Metrics are summarized visually and color-coded to help you focus your study time and identify your current level of proficiency. View results for every lesson, including correct and incorrect answers and rationales. Track your progress to see how well you are progressing and how consistently you perform.

Efficient Learning Platform with Bite-Sized Lessons

Wiley’s Efficient Learning Platform enables you to learn more per study hour. By learning more per study hour, you can answer more exam questions correctly and pass the CPA Exam at higher rates.

The platform makes learning easier and more effective in these ways:

  • Easy Access to a Powerful Combination of Learning Tools – Fully integrates multiple learning resources, including Diagnostic Exams, Study Text, Video Lectures, Proficiency Questions, Past Exam Questions, Task-Based Simulations, Digital CPA Flash Cards, Discussion Groups and Professor Mentoring. Access to any course component is just a click or two away. This complete integration of components saves time, which can then be used to learn more material and answer more exam questions correctly.
  • Bite-Sized Learning Optimizes Study Time – Each lesson covers everything you need to know about a specific exam topic in 30-45 minutes. Not only do these mini-lessons give you the ongoing feeling of accomplishment, they are also the most effective way to absorb and remember vast amounts of information.
  • Learn from Top Exam Professors – Wiley CPAexcel is authored and led by university professors and CPA Exam experts from the nation’s top accounting schools. Our authors present the material at the exact level of detail you’ll find on the CPA Exam. Professor Mentoring gives you unlimited access to our team of professors to get answers to your questions within 48 hours.
  • Create a Personalized Exam Plan – Using actual average study hours taken by successful Wiley CPAexcel students, and based on your desired exam dates or available study hours, Wiley CPAexcel’s Exam Planner instantly generates a Personalized Exam Plan showing the sequence and timing of (a) exam events requiring timely action by you (e.g. request approval to take the exam) and (b) study assignments you need to complete to be ready to pass, that lead to your desired exam date(s). You may, of course, revise your plan at any time.
  • Exam-Identical Software Functions and Formats – Study in the same way you’ll be taking the CPA Exam with Wiley CPAexcel’s exam-identical multiple choice questions and simulations.
  • Simulated CPA Exams – Practice taking the CPA Exam ahead of time. Wiley CPAexcel’s Simulated CPA Exams mirror the actual experience down to the number, type and mix of questions, user-interface, time limits and break policies.
  • Targeted Progress and Performance Reports – Your scores are recorded for each bite-sized lesson, enabling you to track your progress and view which lessons you’ve mastered and which you need to review further. Built-in score cards and Wiley CPAexcel’s unique color-coded Table of Contents show you where additional study hours will deliver the highest pay-off throughout the course.
  • Personalized Updates – You’ll never answer exam questions incorrectly due to learning outdated material, or waste time searching through supplements to check for changes. With Wiley CPAexcel your content is updated online automatically and integrated throughout the course.
Electronic Study Text

Study Test is written by a team of professors from the top accounting schools in the US. Every page of electronic text is print friendly so that you can print the sections you need, take them with you or mark them up as you study.

Practice Exam Questions

Wiley CPAexcel contains over 7,500 past exam questions with full answer rationales explaining precisely why each choice is either wrong or right.

Additionally, more than 5,000 proficiency questions (true/false) are designed to test your reading comprehension and basic subject knowledge. Set yourself up for success by assessing your basic knowledge before diving into a section or tackling exam questions. How you perform on these questions will then influence what materials you spend the most time studying.

Video Lectures + Slides

Bring the classroom to your home with Wiley CPAexcel’s video lectures. We’ve broken down each lecture into Bite-Sized Lessons, and created accompanying slides so you can take notes while you watch. This feature is great for audio/visual learners, and keeps your attention by providing a variety of expert lecturers. Over 130 hours of video lectures and with slides are included in the 4-part course.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal for Audio Visual Learners – Many exam candidates learn most effectively watching and listening, instead of reading pages of information.
  • Expert Lecturers – CPAexcel’s Video Lectures feature top university professors and CPA Exam Review instructors from leading accounting schools in the United States, including the University of Texas at Austin, California State University Sacramento, and Northern Illinois University.
  • Variety – The video lectures feature ten different subject-matter experts. Not only will you learn from the best, the variety of speakers will hold your attention, lesson after lesson.
  • Focused Content – Video lectures cover the key concepts and principles in every subject area, plus heavily weighted exam topics and challenging subjects that often give students trouble during the CPA Exam.
  • Time Savings – Students with strong existing knowledge of a particular topic can often speed through a lesson by watching the video and then taking the Proficiency Questions and Exam Questions. Students scoring 100% can move to the next lesson, without reading the Study Text.
  • Private Classroom Experience – Learn in the comfort of your own surroundings at any time you choose. No wasted time commuting to a classroom. Never worry about missed lectures. Listen to any speaker or topic as many times as you need. With professor mentoring, you can ask questions and receive prompt answers through topical online discussion boards.
Professor Mentoring

Get the answers you need from experienced subject-expert professors. With our Professor Mentoring, you can post your CPAexcel related questions and get the information you need within 48 hours or less, get clarified lecture points and have them demonstrate how to solve problems. Need an immediate response? Just access the archived discussions to find what you’re looking for.

Features & Benefits:

  • Answers in 48 hours or less – Post your content-related questions and get the correct answer every time from experienced subject-expert professors.
  • Archived discussions – Access prior archived discussions, so you can often find the answer that you need immediately and see what types of questions your peers are asking.
  • Expert team of professor mentors – Every mentor is a distinguished university professor and an expert in their field. With access to prompt answers from these professors, there is no question you can’t answer.
Digital Flashcards

More than 4,000 Digital Flashcards cover crucial testing points in each exam section. Created by former student Christine Howard, the first person in history to get a perfect score on all four exam sections on the first try. We continue to update Christine’s cards regularly for our students. Our flash cards are perfect for quickly reinforcing and testing your knowledge in all exam areas.

Student Discussions

Student Discussion groups are integrated into the lesson overview for easy access to the topics you would like to discuss with other students. Create your own private study group(s) for your friends and colleagues to study together based on a common study and exam schedule.

Study Guides

Fully updated for the current CPA Exam, the four-volume set reviews all four parts of the exam. The Study Guides provide the detailed information you need to master or reinforce tough topic areas. Content is organized into Bite-Sized Lessons that map perfectly to the Wiley CPAexcel course.

  • Covers the complete AICPA content blueprint
  • Organized in Bite-Sized Lesson format
  • Maps perfectly to the Wiley CPAexcel courseware
  • Explains every topic tested with over 2,000 pages of study text
  • Used by many leading review providers
  • Choose print or eBook format
Unlimited Practice Exams

Practice Exams mirror the actual exam all the way down to the number, type and mix of questions, time-limits and break policies. Take it as often as you want. Each time you’ll get new questions and a full report of your scores detailing your strengths and weakness in every topic.

Most CPA Exam candidates are nervous before the CPA Exam and it is easy to understand why: You don’t know whether you’ll answer all the questions in time, how many you’ll answer correctly, which parts you should have studied more, and what the CPA Exam is really going to be like. Nervousness can degrade your performance.

Wiley CPAexcel’s Practice Exams gives you crucial exam experience there is just no other way to get. You’ll know exactly what the CPA Exam is like, how to manage your time to answer the maximum number of questions, and how to improve your performance. You’ll also have the same on-screen clock ticking down your remaining minutes, and when you are finished each section is weighted and scored differently, corresponding with the actual exam.

And after each exam, you’ll receive a highly detailed breakdown of your performance per lesson, per exam, and even per the AICPA Exam Blueprint, helping to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

Final Review

Much like a dress rehearsal before going on stage opening night, Wiley CPAexcel’s Final Review fine tunes your exam performance, diminishes anxiety and boosts your competence and comfort level. The Final Review is included in every Wiley CPAexcel course and contains the following components:

  • Exam Tutor – Drill from a library of more than 5,000 past exam questions, based on topic areas, level of detail, difficulty level, questions frequently missed by other students, and new or previously viewed questions. Includes full explanations of right and wrong answers.
  • Simulated CPA Exams – Mirror the actual exam experience down to the number, type, and mix of questions, time limits and break policies. Take the simulated CPA Exams as many times as you want. Each time you’ll get new questions and a full report of your results, highlighting your specific strengths and weaknesses.

Here’s how it works:

  1. After completing the Wiley CPAexcel material, review your personal color-coded performance indicators in the course’s Table of Contents. Once you see all green performance indicators showing you’ve achieved a proficiency level of 90% or above, you are ready to use the Exam Tutor to drill on past exam questions.
  2. Pick from 50 to 100 questions in the Exam Tutor covering the complete course outline. Take the test and examine your scores. Go back and review any lessons or topics where your scores are low. Use the Exam Tutor to further drill on specific past exam questions by lesson or topic. Once your Exam Tutor scores indicate you’ve reached proficiency, you are ready to take the Simulated CPA Exams.
  3. Schedule a time and a place where you will not be interrupted and take the Simulated CPA Exam, following all exam rules. Review your results, paying close attention to any weak areas where you need further review. Take the Simulated CPA Exam as many times as you like to further perfect your exam performance. Once you’ve achieved a score of 90% or above—congratulations! You are very likely to pass the actual CPA Exam for that exam review section.

The Final Review is essential to complete your CPA Exam preparation. In fact, it can make all the difference in your final score. Most courses do not include a thorough Final Review – or, if they do, they charge you a lot extra. With Wiley CPAexcel, it is included for free with every review course.

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