Free Webinar: Strategies for Maximizing Your Points on the CPA Exam

The passing score for the CPA Exam is 75. For many CPA candidates, passing or failing a section is a matter of just two or three points.

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This webinar breaks down how a few changes to your test-taking methods can have a huge impact on your score—and get you that much closer to passing the CPA Exam.

You’ll learn:

  • How each section of the exam is weighted and where you should focus your efforts.
  • Strategies for improving your score on the MCQ testlets.
  • Keywords to look for in word problems that can help you get the right answer.
  • Best practices for tackling Task-Based Simulations, including using the formula bar.
  • How to structure your Written Communications answer for the highest score.
  • And much more … with the last 30 minutes devoted to answering questions from the audience.

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Featured Speakers

Denise Probert, CPA, CGMADenise Probert, CPA, CGMA, is Director of Curriculum for Accounting Exam Prep at Wiley. She is responsible for all curriculum development and academic instruction for Wiley’s accounting exam prep products. Denise previously served as Vice President of Kaplan CPA Review and has over 20 years’ experience teaching accounting at the university level.

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