Must Watch Video: Tips and Tricks to Master Research Task-Based Simulations on the CPA Exam

Professor Pam Smith, Ph.D., CPA, MBA, on Task-Based Simulations

On April 1, 2017, the AICPA introduced some of the most wide-ranging and important updates to the CPA Exam in more than a decade. The latest CPA Exam has more Task-Based Simulations (TBSs) and they have a greater weighting of your total score (50% of your final score in AUD, FAR and REG and 35% in BEC), likely making the CPA Exam more difficult. These changes allow the examiners to test your higher-order skills, ensuring you can apply the concepts you’ve learned in a realistic situation. These changes are challenging for many candidates, but after familiarizing yourself with the content you’ll be prepared for success.

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These videos provide a helpful and hands-on overview of all types of TBSs and discuss proven tips and tricks to help you tackle them with confidence.

Topics covered include:

  • Overall tips for success
  • How to research authoritative literature
  • Identify strategies for research TBSs
  • Guidance on time allocation

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