Mastering Task-Based Simulations on the CPA Exam

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An Introduction of All TBS Types Presented by Pam Smith, Ph.D., CPA, MBA, KPMG Professor of Accountancy at Northern Illinois University and Wiley CPAexcel Author and Lecturer

When you sit for the CPA Exam, 50% of your final score in AUD, FAR and REG is based on task-based simulations (TBSs), and it’s 35% of your final score in BEC. Understanding how to complete TBSs is critical to your success on this exam.

There are four types of task-based simulations: Basic, Enhanced, Document Review and Research. Each type is designed to asses higher cognitive skills and to assess your technical knowledge.

In this video lesson, Professor Smith will help you identify what type of TBS you are in, provide strategies specific to each type of TBS and give you guidance on time allocation.

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