Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This page addresses FAQs about the Wiley CPAexcel Course.
The New Wiley CPAexcel
What improvements have been made to the course?
The new Wiley CPAexcel Course dramatically simplifies and streamlines your exam preparation experience. A few of the enhancements include:

What resources are available for learning how to use the new course?
Be sure to check out our new resources—they’ll go a long way in helping you get started:

Is the online study material (text, videos, practice questions, etc.) the same in both versions?
Yes. The content is identical in both versions of the course. Only the courseware has changed.

I’m already a Wiley CPAexcel customer using the original course. When should I start using the new course?
If you are in the middle of studying a section (e.g. AUG, BEC, FAR, REG), please complete this section in the original course. You will continue to have access to the original course until March 2017 in you account.

When you start studying a new section, please begin using the new course for that section. Your first step will be to create a new exam plan.

I’m a new Wiley CPAexcel customer. Which course should I use?
If you purchased Wiley CPAexcel after September 15, 2016, you will only have access to the new course.

How long can I continue to use the original version of the course?
If you purchased before September 15, 2016, it will be available in your account until March 2017. We suggest making the switch when when you start studying a new exam section and well before March 2017.

Is the new course available offline?
No. It is only available online. However, we will be releasing a new mobile app next month that will enable you to study offline. Printed textbooks and ebooks also come standard with all of our course packages for offline study.

Does my work in the original course transfer to the new course?
No. The data you accumulate while studying does not flow between the original course and the new one.

Do I need to create another exam plan when I start using the new course?
Yes. When you first log in to your new course, you’ll be asked to create an exam plan. This plan will be independent of the one you are currently working on and will not know about your previous progress. So please bear in mind that timelines might look aggressive if you’re in the middle of studying and you build an all-new plan with your original exam dates.

I see there are now two practice exams, why?
The new course features two new practice exams, each designed to mimic the actual CPA Exam with a unique set of questions selected by subject-matter experts. Additionally, unlimited practice exams are available with questions dynamically pulled from the course (these are questions you may have seen before while studying).

When will the 2017 CPA Exam content be available?
The new 2017 CPA Exam begins testing on April 1, 2017. To provide you with ample time to prepare, your 2017 course content and textbooks will be available in late January.

How can I provide feedback to your team on the new course?
Absolutely! Your feedback is valued and essential to making the course even better. Please tell us about your experience.