Frequently Asked Questions About the All-New Wiley CPAexcel

All-New Wiley CPAexcel

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Wiley CPAexcel Course here, or browse our support section. If the answer to your question is not provided, please contact us.

Q: I like the original course. Why did you launch a new one?

A: The new course simplifies and streamlines your CPA Exam preparation experience. We think (and hope) you’re going to love it!

Q: Do you have any resources for learning how to use the tools in the new course?

A: Yes! Please visit our Getting Started page. It outlines how to study with the new course in three easy steps: Plan, Study, Assess. You’ll also find a Product Tour videos on the most popular features of the course.

Q: Is the study content (text, videos, practice questions, etc.) the same in both versions?

A: Yes, the content in the new course is identical to the original course. You’ll see all of the same lessons, except now in the new learning platform, you’ll have a simplified layout that is designed to make your studying more efficient.

Q: I’m already a Wiley CPAexcel student using the original course. When should I make the switch to the new course?

A: We encourage you to switch to the new course when you start studying a new section (e.g. AUD, BEC, FAR, REG).

If you are in the middle of studying a section in the original course, we suggest completing this section in the original course so your progress is not “reset”.

Q: I’m a new Wiley CPAexcel student and only see one course in My Account. What is all this chatter about the original and new courses?

A: As a new student, you only have access to the new course (published in September 2016). We want to keep your study experience as simple as possible so we have not introduced the legacy course to your account. The content is identical in both the original and new courses; your courseware is new and improved!

Q: How long can I continue to use the original version of the course?

A: It will be available until March 15, 2017. However we suggest making the switch to the new course as soon as possible, ideally when you start studying a new exam section.

Q: Does my work in the original course transfer to the new course?

A. No. The data you accumulate while studying does not flow between the original course and the new course. So the work you do in one will not appear in the other.

Q: Do I need to create another exam plan when I start using the new course?

A: Yes. When you first login to the new course, you’ll be asked to create an exam plan. This plan will be independent of the one you are currently working on and will not know about any of the previous work you’ve done.

Please keep in mind that timelines might look aggressive if you’re in the middle of studying and you build an all-new plan with your original exam dates.

Q: How can I provide feedback to your team on the new course?

A. Glad you asked, we’re excited to hear what you think! Please contact us anytime to provide feedback and ask questions about the new course.