Wiley CPAexcel Belicia Cespedes Accounting Scholarship

Introducing the Scholarship Winners and Their Inspiring Stories

Belicia Cespedes

  • California, USA
  • Student at Woodbury University – will graduate in May 2017
  • Kentucky, USA
  • Employed in the field

The Inspiration:
Belicia Cespedes, CPA, is a remarkable young woman. Homeschooled by her mother, she graduated high school at age 13, then started classes at a community college and ultimately earned her bachelor’s degree at Thomas Edison State College. But her most amazing accomplishment (so far) is passing the CPA Exam at age 17—which pretty much makes her the youngest CPA ever. To do that, Cespedes studied hard using Wiley CPAexcel, and credits our Bite-Sized Lessons with helping her maintain a regular schedule that included tennis practice and generally having a life. Learn more about Belicia’s story.

Thank you to everyone who entered and shared their story. You’ve definitely inspired us!