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7 Tips to Get the Most From Your Accounting Hires

Once you do land a new employee at your firm, you want that hire to stick. Use these tips to help ease his or her transition, and to make sure that that ‘day one’ is just the first day in a long and productive relationship.


15 Secrets to Being a Great Communicator

It’s more important than ever for skilled accountants to also be exceptional at getting ideas across effectively, especially if they want to move up into leadership roles at their company—or beyond.



How to Hire the Best Accounting Talent

How do you know that you’re asking the right questions during an interview? And how can you maximize your chances of making the right hiring decision?


The 5 Secrets of Soft Skills

“Soft skills are the new hard skills.”
Larry Harrington, Chief Audit Executive (CAE) of Raytheon