Free White Paper: How to Hire the Best Accounting Talent

7 Tips to Get the Most From Your Accounting Hires

So, you hired ’em. Now how do you keep ’em?

It all starts with “Day One” on the job and positive first impressions. Use these expert tips to make onboarding a smooth experience for new accounting hires—so they can start being productive right away.


In this white paper, you’ll find out…

  • Why “Day One” is about the new employee, not the firm
  • How to honestly assess if you and your firm are ready to welcome a new employee
  • Why a good onboarding plan is no different than a good customer-service plan
  • What red flags to look for that might scare a new hire away
  • Why good communication is a must and how to do it right
  • And much more…

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