Five Test Taking Approaches to Help You Pass the CompTIA Network+ Exam

Five Test Taking Approaches to Help You Pass the CompTIA Network+ Exam

The CompTIA Network+ certification is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your career as an IT professional. The Network+ exam is designed to validate the skills and knowledge of mid-level network technicians, covering key IT functions including networking concepts, infrastructure, operations, security and more.

If you are passionate about your career, committed to your professional development and up for the challenge of taking the Network+ exam, Sybex is here to provide you with the information and resources you need to get started. These test taking strategies will help you develop an effective study plan.

1. Find the Right Resources
Look for CompTIA Approved Quality Content (CAQC), so you know you are headed in the right direction. CACQ means you are studying with the most relevant, up-to-date material for the Network+ exam.

2. Maximize Your Study Time
Simply reading over the concepts covered in the exam can allow your eyes to glaze over and potentially skip certain areas that you might not find to be as interesting as others. Keep your exam prep lively with a mix of mock exams, flashcards and other resources. Studying for the Network+ exam should be interesting and engaging—after all, this is your career in the making.

3. Avoid All-Nighters
We are not here to tell you how to study, but we highly recommend spreading out your study time. Study a little every day, rather than a lot a few nights. Bite-sized lessons make it easier to do this, whether you are at home or on the go.

4. Prepare for PBQs
Performance-based questions (PBQs) simulate an issue taking place in a work environment to test your problem-solving abilities. Many test takers consider PBQs, which typically appear first in the exam, to be the most difficult hurdle for the Network+ certification. However, addressing them specifically and thoroughly in your preparation can dramatically boost your confidence and help you manage your time appropriately on exam day.

5. Know the Exam Format
Understanding what to expect from the exam itself is every bit as important as learning the concepts and skills. The Network+ exam consists of a maximum of 90 questions, including single multiple choice, multiple response multiple choice, interactive drag and drop, and performance-based questions. The exam is vendor-neutral, and you have 90 minutes to complete all of the questions. The passing score is 720 out of 900. Because you will not have access to a clock while working on the PBQs, it is crucial to go in with a strategy for working through this particular section efficiently.

Study for the Network+ Exam with Sybex
The Sybex Network+ Exam Review Course and study guides incorporate all of the above tips into a single study plan. Take the next step toward earning your Network+ certification and start your free trial today.