CompTIA A+ Practice Test (Exam 220-1001)


Which of the following does not contribute to the cooling of system components?


Which of the following is not a term relating to CPUs?


On which memory modules would you find DDR400 chips?


You are troubleshooting a computer and think that the CMOS battery might be bad. Which of the following is not held in CMOS memory while the system power is off?


Which of the following is an error-checking scheme that is not capable of error correction and sometimes implemented in main memory?


What is the name for the successor to the system BIOS that expands on classic features by allowing modular extensions to the basic code?


You just purchased a used system, and a BIOS password is preventing you from modifying the settings. Which of the following options allows you to gain access to the BIOS configuration when an unknown password prevents such access?


You have a computer that is running slowly when multiple applications are open. Increasing which of the following allows more applications to run simultaneously?


You need to enable system-wide security. Which of the following is a technology that is dependent on UEFI and will load files at startup, only if the files have not been tampered with?


You are selecting a storage device for a client, and they request a hybrid drive. Which of the following best describes a hybrid drive?


A client needs optical media that can be rewritten. Which of the following optical-disc suffixes indicates that the disc can be written to multiple times?


You are choosing a flash technology for a school. Which of the following is not an example of a memory card format?


Which component has a switch that might need to be changed when moving a computer from one country to another?


You are installing a new power supply. What power supply feature supports two independent sources of 12VDC for internal components?