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CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Retake Policy

If you failed the CompTIA A+ exam, don’t be discouraged. We know how tough the CompTIA A+ exam can be, but with the right preparation and study materials, you can pass. Use this information to make informed decisions about retaking the A+ exam and ensure you’re ready for exam day.

CompTIA A+ Retake Policy

First, it’s helpful to understand CompTIA’s retake policy for the A+ exam before you schedule your next attempt.

If you failed your first attempt at passing the CompTIA A+ certification exam, CompTIA does not require any waiting period between your first and second attempt to pass this exam. However, before your third attempt to pass the A+ exam, you are required to wait at least fourteen days from the date of your last exam attempt to try again. For more information on CompTIA’s retake policy, you can visit CompTIA’s website or contact us and we’ll help answer any questions you have about the A+ exam.

Preparing to Retake the CompTIA A+ Exam

When you’ve decided you are going to retake the A+ certification exam, we recommend you take practice tests to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to understand which areas you are doing well and which areas you need improvement. Sybex study materials help you identify and address your knowledge gaps and provides the ideal mix of self-study, high-level review, and a detailed review of the more complex topics to help you reach the level of understanding you’re going to need to pass.

When you’re preparing for your second or third attempt at passing the A+ exam, it’s important you choose the right study partner and know how to make the most of your study time. We encourage you to follow expert study tips for the A+ Exam that can help you make it through the exam with ease and give you test-taking approaches that will help you pass.

The Sybex A+ Gold Review Course has everything you need to prepare for the exam next time including CompTIA approved content, Bite-Sized Lessons designed to help you remember more per study hour, plus practice questions, flashcards, mock exams, and video lectures designed to help pass the exam next time. Sybex offers various study materials designed to fit your specific learning style to help you pass. Contact an exam consultant with questions about your study options.

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