Retake or Renew

How to Renew Your CompTIA A+ Certification

Technology is an ever-changing resource. It’s constantly evolving, with seismic-type shifts occurring on a regular basis. As a result, it’s frequently necessary to renew your certifications, keeping them up to date and ensuring they are active and current. CompTIA requires you to renew your A+ certification every three years.

How Do I Renew My A+ Certification?

CompTIA exam renewal requires the learner to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Each CompTIA certification renewal requires a certain number of CEUs; the A+ certification requires 20 CEUs. CEUs can be completed any time within the three-year renewal cycle, but all must be completed by your certification’s expiration date.

The activity you complete must have relevance to your certification. This means that at least 50% of the activity’s content must relate directly to one or more of the A+ certification’s exam objectives. You will also need to appropriately document the activities you complete.

CompTIA A+ Renewal Fees

In addition, you must pay an annual CE fee to maintain your certification. For A+, you’ll pay a total of $75 for each renewal cycle ($25 annually), in addition to any fees you pay for the completion activities. But good news if you hold multiple certifications: if you want to renew multiple certifications, you only need to meet renewal requirements for the highest-level certification to receive credit for all.

CompTIA Certification Renewal Pathways

Holders of A+ certification have two main options for earning the CEUs necessary for renewal. CompTIA exam renewal. Single renewal activities are worth enough CEUs alone to make you eligible for renewal; multiple activities are worth fewer CEUs, which means you have to complete more than one to earn your renewal.

Renew with a single activity:

  • Complete the CompTIA CertMaster CE: A self-paced e-learning course designed to help you build on the knowledge and skills you demonstrated in your exam, the CertMaster CE helps you continue to build your expertise without having to take additional exams.
  • Complete a higher-level CompTIA certification: Moving to the next level in your IT training qualifies you for A+ renewal. Getting certified in Network+, Security+, Linux+ or Cloud+ will allow you to renew your A+ certification automatically.
  • Complete a non-CompTIA industry certification: While CompTIA certifications are industry standard, they also recognize that other certifications also increase your knowledge base. Submitting your name and the name and completion date of your certification along with the certificate, transcript, or badge link issued by the certifying body, you will be granted renewal for A+.
  • Pass the most recent CompTIA exam: Of course, you can always do things the simplest way, by just re-taking and passing the A+ exam.

Renew with multiple activities:

  • Earn non-CompTIA IT industry certifications: Certain certifications will grant you partial credit for renewal.
  • Complete training and higher education: By completing activities like training courses, webinars, conferences, college courses, and an American Council on Education (ACE) course, you’ll move toward your renewal eligibility.
  • Participate in IT industry activities: Including in “industry activities” are things like teaching or mentoring, creating instructional materials, or participating as a subject-matter expert in a CompTIA exam development workshop.
  • Publish a relevant article, whitepaper, blog post, or book: By getting published as an industry authority, you also can get partial credit toward renewal.
  • Gain related work experience: You can earn a maximum of 9 CEUs for work experience, giving you credit for working in the industry.

The best part of certification renewal is that most of them provide benefits beyond just treading the A+ waters. CompTIA designed the renewal process to be agile and less-cumbersome, giving the learner a chance to make improvements rather than wasting time taking an exam they’ve already passed.

In other words, you’re either receiving a benefit beyond having to study for and/or re-take the same exam. By completing either a higher-level CompTIA certification or a non-CompTIA certification, you are improving your professional standing. However, if you do feel like a refresher of the A+ exam would be beneficial to you, or just want some continuing education, those too are options.

A+ Exam Renewal Submission

The final step is to submit your certification renewal request. If you are completing a CompTIA activity, like completing the CertMaster CE, re-taking and passing the CompTIA exam, or earning a higher-level CompTIA certification, you will be automatically renewed and don’t have to take further action.

However, for other activities that CompTIA cannot track, you’ll need to manually submit your completed activities. This involves logging into your certification account and submitting your activities to receive CEUs.

Renewing your A+ certification every three years doesn’t just help you stay up to date with your certification. CompTIA designed the renewal process to encourage you to continue to grow, pushing your career higher and allowing you to reach higher levels of knowledge and skill with each renewal cycle. Source: