Wiley or Becker? Which CMA Course Is the Best?

Wiley is the best CMA review course because there are a wide variety of CMA study materials in all Wiley CMA courses that you won’t find in Becker courses. Some of Wiley’s most helpful features include:

  • Guaranteed Access to Your Course Until You Pass
  • Access to a Full Team of CMA Certified Instructors like Deloitte Professor of Accountancy Monte Swain
  • Additional Video Lectures, Such as Strategies to Supplement Tough CMA Topics
  • Bite-sized Lessons to Keep Studying Manageable
  • Score Predictor to Estimate How Well You’ll Do on the Exam
  • 100% Coverage of ICMA LOS
  • Mobile App Access
  • 24/7 Customer Support

CMA candidate Abdul Wahab used Wiley to prep for the exam and had great success.

“I am highly satisfied with using Wiley study materials for my CMA exam prep. The test bank that simulates the exam experience is very useful and can reduce exam fear a lot during the actual examination. Wiley materials covered the most exam questions, which are very helpful for practice,” says Wahab.

Get support from Deloitte Professor of Accountancy Monte Swain and other Wiley CMA instructors.

head shot of Monte Swain

Wiley CMA vs. Becker Comparison Chart

Use the comparison chart below to review exactly which features you get with Wiley vs. Becker. You’ll see that some of the most important study tools, like Access Until You Pass, deep dive videos, and Score Predictor only come with Wiley CMA test prep courses.

Wiley CMA is the best CMA exam prep

Wiley CMA is the best CMA prep

Wiley vs. Becker Cost Comparison

Wiley and Becker both offer two CMA exam review courses, but Wiley courses are much less expensive and actually come with more built-in services and features.

wiley is better than Becker

wiley is better than Becker

wiley is better than Becker

The cost for these courses includes study materials for both parts of the CMA exam. However, only Wiley has the option to purchase just Part 1 or Part 2 study materials if that is what you need.

Both Wiley’s Platinum and Pro courses come with standard features like Unlimited Access Until You Pass, video lessons, multiple-choice practice questions, essay questions, digital flashcards, Score Predictor, and more. With Becker’s courses, you have to upgrade to CMA Review Pro to get standard Wiley features like unlimited access, plus

Becker does not offer tools like Score Predictor or deep dive videos.

In the Wiley Platinum CMA Exam Course, you get all standard features plus additional support, including:

  • Ask an Instructor for Help With Questions You Don’t Understand
  • 11th Hour Final Review Course
  • Live Virtual Classes
  • Print Flashcards
  • Microsoft Excel Course

Wiley’s free Microsoft Excel Course included with the Platinum package is particularly helpful, because certified management accountants spend of lot of time analyzing data using Excel.

Wiley vs. Becker Technology and Software

Only Wiley’s technology won the 2021 SIIA CODiE award for the Best College and Career Readiness Solution. The Wiley Efficient Learning platform stands out for its accessibility and ease of use. The hallmarks of the Wiley Learning Platform are diagnostic exams, performance metrics, bite-sized lessons, an exam planner, unlimited practice exams, and more.

If you study with Wiley, you’ll get access to score predictor technology that uses your study results to estimate how you’ll perform on the exam. This is especially helpful for prioritizing your study time to make sure you’re ready for exam day. With Wiley, you’ll also get a completely customizable study planner that organizes your plan down to the lesson level. So, regardless of which Wiley course you go with, the abundance of technology tools will help you monitor your progress, so you pass the CMA exam on the first try.

Basic technology you can expect with Becker courses include digital textbooks, multiple-choice questions, essays, videos, and digital flashcards. Becker recently integrated its adaptive learning technology, Adapt2U, into its Pro course that uses quizzes to assess knowledge and make study recommendations.

Save time and reduce stress with Wiley CMA.

Wiley vs. Becker CMA Review Course Access and Expiration

Wiley’s Access Until You Pass offer is pretty simple: You get unlimited access and updates to your course until you pass the exam—no exceptions. This pass guarantee comes with all Wiley courses and goes a long way in relieving anxiety you may have about trying to pass the first time around.

Becker only offers unlimited access on their Pro course. Otherwise, you get 24 months of access to your Advantage course.

wiley offers unlimited access and updates to your course until you pass the examwiley offers unlimited access and updates to your course until you pass the exam

Wiley CMA vs. Becker CMA Exam Practice Questions

Wiley and Becker both include CMA exam practice questions in the prep courses.

Wiley is known for having the best online test bank on the market with over 3,600 multiple-choice questions, including retired questions from past exams and 100% coverage of ICMA LOS. The Wiley test bank also comes with 44 exclusive essay questions, a grade book to track your progress, and unlimited practice exams that replicate the test-day experience.

Becker’s test bank includes over 4,000 multiple-choice questions.

CMA candidate Naman Puri found that Wiley questions prepared him for the exam.

“The questions and the concepts explained by Wiley were exactly the ones that were needed for the examination,” says Puri.

wiley has the best cma test bankwiley has the best cma test bank

Wiley vs. Becker Flashcards

Flashcards are an important component of a well-rounded study plan, which is why Wiley provides more than 750 digital flashcards in both the Wiley Platinum CMA Course and Wiley Pro CMA Course. These flashcards can be accessed in your online course or in the Wiley companion mobile app.

Becker offers flashcards as well but only about 500 digital flashcards with both Advantage and Pro review courses.

Wiley vs. Becker Course Format

Wiley and Becker are both online, self-study courses with two course options each.

Wiley’s CMA exam prep courses maximize efficiency, so you can fit studying into your busy schedule. Both the Wiley Platinum and Pro courses come with standard features like:

  • A Full Team of CMA Certified Instructors
  • Unlimited Access Until You Pass
  • Bite-sized Lessons
  • Score Predictor
  • Industry-leading Test Bank
  • Mobile App Access
  • And More!

Added benefits of upgrading to the Wiley Platinum course are:

  • Ask an Instructor Capabilities
  • Live Virtual Classes
  • 11th Hour Final Review
  • Free Microsoft Excel Course

Standard features of both Becker Pro and Becker Advantage are digital textbooks, flashcards, multiple-choice questions, lecture videos, practice tests, and more. And the Becker Advantage course is what gets you unlimited access until you pass, live online classes, and tutoring.

80% of Candidates Pass with Wiley CMA (Double the Global Pass Rate).

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IMA Strategic Partner

An important thing to note, is that Wiley is an official strategic partner of IMA (Institute of Management Accountants). This partnership ensures that Wiley knows what changes are happening in the industry and can support you in every way through your exam journey. Becker is an IMA strategic partner as well.

Instructor Mentoring

Wiley’s expert instructors truly care about you and your exam journey. Top instructors like Kari Olsen, Ph.D., CPA, CMA walk you through difficult topics to help you understand the material. If you study with Wiley’s Platinum CMA review course, you also get Ask an Instructor with your course. This feature lets you ask an experienced, subject matter expert any of your CMA questions and get an answer within 48 hours. That means that you’re never alone in this, and if you get stuck, you don’t have to stay stuck.

Becker does not offer instructor mentoring like Wiley, but if you upgrade to their Pro course, you can ask your questions in one of your 5 tutoring sessions.

Bite-sized Video Lessons

Built into all Wiley courses are bite-sized lessons. These lessons help you master teachings in as little as 30-45 minutes. This helps you retain more information and stay motivated. Plus, these shorter lessons also help you manage your time, reduce stress, and maintain work/life (or study/life) balance.

CMA candidate Judilyn Sarga agreed that Wiley’s bite-sized lessons are convenient.

“I love using Wiley, it is very convenient, and I love the video lectures because it is very clear in providing insights,” says Sarga.

Simulated CMA Mock Exams

Feeling confident on exam day is important, and simulated CMA practice exams are an important tool in building that confidence. Practice tests ensure you have the stamina needed to make it through both parts of the exam. Unlimited practice tests are offered in both Wiley and Becker CMA prep courses.

Ellysse Marinella Diasanta, CMA candidate, likes how Wiley practice tests prepared her for exam day.

“I like how similar it is to the real exam. That way I didn’t have to take too much time navigating on the exam date,” says Diasanta.

Live Virtual Classes

In Wiley’s Platinum CMA review course, you get live online classes. These classes allow you to interact with real instructors who answer your questions on some of the more difficult topics. Becker’s Pro course also comes with access to a live virtual classroom.

Wiley CMA vs. Becker Video Lectures

Wiley CMA video lectures are taught by classroom instructors who understand how students learn and who are all active CMAs. Becker cannot say the same.

“Monte Swain is a great instructor! He helped make the topics understandable and memorable, so it was easy to apply and pass the test!” says CMA Lilly Nielson.

Wiley CMA videos are the best

Wiley CMA videos are the best

Want access to some of Wiley’s CMA video lectures?

Wiley vs. Becker Score Predictor

Another feature you get with all Wiley courses but not with Becker is Score Predictor powered by Knewton. Score Predictor is a tool that estimates how well you will do on the actual CMA exam based on your course performance. This feedback allows you to adapt your study plan along the way to make sure you are focusing on the topics that you need to. You can feel more confident you are exam ready because Score Predictor gives you a reliable score range for each section as well as the entire exam.

Wiley vs. Becker 11th Hour Review

Using the last week or two of exam prep as a final review can be crucial in preparing for exam day. That’s why Wiley’s Platinum course 11th Hour Review could be the difference in you passing the exam on the first try. This final review is designed to relieve nerves and provide you with a clear path to review hot topics and go over worked problems without overwhelming yourself. There is no final review in Becker CMA courses.

Wiley vs. Becker Summary

After comparing Wiley and Becker CMA review courses, it’s clear Wiley is the better review course. Not only are Wiley courses less expensive, but they also come with more features and support like Guaranteed Access Until You Pass, deep dive videos, and Score Predictor. With Wiley, you save time by studying efficiently and feel confident in your knowledge after using all the extra support features and tools.

Wiley vs. Becker Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some lingering questions about Wiley vs. Becker? Here are some wrap-up questions and answers to finish comparing the two.

  • Yes, Wiley offers more support and more features than Becker—and Wiley courses are less expensive.
  • Yes, Wiley has an industry-leading test bank with over 3,600 multiple-choice questions, including past CMA exam questions and 100% coverage of ICMA LOS.
  • Wiley uses both past CMA questions and questions authored by a team of CMA experts, so Wiley questions are just as hard as the CMA exam. Wiley questions are designed to get you adequately prepared for the exam.
  • Wiley offers more study materials and features with 4,648 multiple-choice questions, 69 essays, unlimited practice exams, deep dive videos, bite-sized lessons, score predictor, and more.

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