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Helping our students grow their career by passing CMA exam, is why we do what we do. We succeed when you succeed and we don’t charge you extra to help you meet your goals. And when you pass, we look forward to hearing your story too!

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Stuart Newbill Jr.

Clementon, New Jersey

“On social media I read an account of a CMA who called Wiley the ‘gold standard’ of accounting certification education. I knew that with my schedule I would need materials that allowed me the convenience of adjusting my study times to fit into my life.”

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Kazuhiko Enokido

Tokyo, Japan

“I chose the WileyCMAExcel product suite as it is IMA’s official CMA prep materials. Second, my prep materials needed many MCQ-questions and many essay-questions with the option to practice simulation mode. I can check the status of performing in each detail category and it is easy for me to grip the weak point.”

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David Unterdorfer

Rotterdam, Netherlands

“The books are very concise in terms of focusing specifically on what you need to know for the exam. It was extremely helpful for practicing, especially the Test Bank and all the mock exams. That prepared me really well for the exam.”

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Dhaval Kadakia


“The content found in Wiley’s CMAexcel Review Course is both comprehensive and precise. The online test bank gives you the required confidence before appearing for the exams! I referred to Wiley for my CMA preparation and cleared both the parts in the 1st attempt.”

Chirag Patel


“I am very happy to announce that I became a CMA on August 15, 2015. The credit for my success goes to Wiley CMA’s robust and up-to-the-mark material, which is needed for examinees to sail through such a vigorous exam. Online access to MCQ and essay questions for both parts was essential to get a taste of exam scenarios and types of question patterns seen on the actual exam. In short, the material was relevant and sufficient to achieve a CMA designation.”

Kim Salisbury

Moscow, Idaho

“I liked that Wiley’s exam questions were divided into sections … if you get one wrong, it gives you the answer immediately and tells you why. I would study the answers right there instead of looking it up in the book.”

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Nicolas Lehmann

Bottmingen, Switzerland

“I liked the Wiley essays. They are official essay questions provided by IMA—and the solutions were very good and it was easy to follow. I got a feeling of what the CMA Exam would really be like.”

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Hussein Ghazi

Beirut, Lebanon

“Wiley prepares you not only for the questions but for the whole exam experience so you don’t have any surprises during the CMA Exam.”

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Erin Donahue

Morris Plains, NJ

“I began my CMA studies as a financial accountant looking for new challenges. Wiley’s CMAexcel Learning System gave me all the tools I needed to succeed. I’m happy to say that I passed both exams on the first try. My favorite feature was the online test bank, which totally prepared me for the testing environment on exam day.”

Jordan Hall

Round Rock, TX

“I passed both sections of the CMA on my first attempt thanks to CMAexcel. The test bank was perfect and helped me to be ready for the pressure and rigor of the exam. I would definitely recommend using CMAexcel to anyone planning on becoming a CMA, especially for IMA members who can take advantage of the member discount.”

Mike Ridley

Paducah, KY

“CMAexcel’s question bank, practice tests and Online Intensive Review were the keys to me passing the CMA Exam. The questions and practice tests thoroughly prepared me for what to expect on the when sitting for the exam. Not only did they help familiarize me with the content, but they also gave me an idea of the pace I would need to complete the test comfortably. The OIR was great for getting a quick refresher or summarizing the information.”