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Wiley CMAexcel has a worldwide network of partners and Approved Providers — including Fortune 500 companies, top trainers, and many prestigious universities — who utilize our materials to teach both live and virtual courses. Running official Wiley CMAexcel courses is easy with our complete turnkey solutions. Approved Providers of the Learning System receive the same great materials as independent study candidates, as well as access to in-depth Instructor’s and Participant’s Guides, updated CMA requirements, and other resources that make teaching management accounting easy.

Partner with Wiley Efficient Learning

Wiley is actively seeking new Approved Providers globally. If your organization is interested in high-quality, in-depth management accounting training leading to a top-rank certification – either for your own employees or to teach others – contact us using the form.

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Offer a Custom CMA Review Course at Your University

Partner with us to create a custom, university-branded CMA Review Course with minimal start-up effort, time or cost. With Wiley CMAexcel, educational institutions can choose from two convenient partnership models:

  1. Online Course: offer an affordable CMA Review Program to students, utilizing our course materials.
  2. On-Campus Course: have the flexibility to offer a live or blended learning course to either undergraduate and graduate students, or any exam candidate in the surrounding area, utilizing the Wiley CMAexcel course materials.
Become a Wiley CPAexcel or CMAexcel Campus Rep

Our Campus Rep Program provides students with the opportunity to build a network while spreading awareness of CPAexcel and CMAexcel.  And, as added incentive, you’ll receive a full scholarship for one of our courses. Sign up today by completing the form above.

Wiley partners with over 100 accounting and financial firms

A partnership with Wiley gives firms a competitive advantage in recruiting top talent. Inquire above to learn if your organization already has an agreement in place, or set one up so your firm can enjoy preferred pricing and your employees can access our courses.

Wiley is seeking new Approved Providers globally.

Running official CMA and CPA review courses is easy with our complete turnkey solutions. Approved Providers receive the same great study materials as our students, plus in-depth Instructor’s and Participant’s Guides as well as other resources to make teaching accounting certifications easy. If your organization is interested in high-quality, in-depth CPA or CMA training that leads to certification, please inquire above.

Members of certain accounting societies and associations may receive preferred pricing.

Partner with us to offer your members discounted pricing on courses. Inquire above to find out if your organization has a partnership in place or set one up so your members may receive preferred pricing.

Wiley partners with a wide network of valued affiliates.

Our Affiliate Program was designed especially for website owners who believe in our products and want to earn a commission promoting them. We use the industry-leading affiliate marketing network,, to facilitate tracking, reporting and payments. If you own an accounting-related blog, forum or website and would like to feature our products, please inquire above.