What Makes Wiley CMAexcel Better?

You have a lot of options when choosing your CMA study materials. Here’s why Wiley CMAexcel stands out as the best use of your time and money.



IMA’s official CMA prep materials

Pass Guarantee

  • FREE course repeats and updates

Digital Exam Planner

  • Interactive planner creates your study plan down to the day

Unlimited Full-Length Practice Exams

  • Emulate the Prometric CMA exam interface
  • Mirror the actual exam down to the number, type and mix of questions, time-limits and break policies

11th Hour Final Review

  • Crafted by Wiley and IMA to reinforce key concepts to improve your score in the final weeks

Real-time Performance Metrics

  • View results for every lesson
  • Track your progress to diagnose strengths and weaknesses

Mobile App

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