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Wiley’s CIMA Exam Review is a one-stop-shop to help you get CIMA certified. Covering each key topic by weighting and reviewing all the fundamental concepts, our course is designed to cut out the clutter and give you exactly what you need to take your knowledge to the next level.

The five-hour Certification Exam will take the knowledge you have gained from the Education Program and focus on analysis and application.

We will help you break down the key areas you will face in the exam, so you can focus your time where it’s needed the most, on topics we know you will have to master and the areas you know you need to strengthen in.

When you combine this with our Self-Study Efficient Learning package, you get stand-out features such as the adaptive exam planner, professor mentoring and so much more. Click on the feature tabs on this page to discover why you should choose Wiley as your CIMA study partner.

Test Bank


With over 1000 questions, the Wiley CIMA Exam Review Test Bank is the boost you need to ensure you face the CIMA exams in the best shape possible. The best way to learn is to integrate practice questions into your study schedule and with our Self-Study Course, it couldn’t be easier.

The CIMA exam is going to test you in very different ways to other finance certifications you may have experience of and our practice questions and test bank have been built with this in mind. The Certification Examination is a five-hour examination and has 140 multiple-choice questions (15 non-scored) and pretest questions. The non-scored questions will be sprinkled throughout the exam and will not count toward your final score.

Each examination item (question) is related to an area of work per

The Wiley CIMA Exam review Test Bank will enhance your knowledge by highlighting your weak-points and helping you to be ready for exam day.

Bite-Sized Lessons

bite-sized lessons

Proven to help you learn faster and retain more, our Bite-Sized Lessons are for busy, time-pressured candidates like you. Each lesson can be completed in as little as 45 minutes and includes study text and end-of-lessons practice questions to assess your understanding before you move on.

We know from our candidate feedback that this works because:

You’ll learn more, at a faster pace – At the end of each short section, you’ll already have completed a full lesson, including study text, proficiency questions, flashcards, task-based simulations and more.

You’ll get more hands-on CIMA Exam practice – Shorter, segmented lessons give you more opportunities to test your knowledge and monitor your progress. This active learning environment helps to keep you engaged throughout the exam preparation process for higher passing scores.

Wiley’s Bite-Sized Lessons℠ not only give you an ongoing feeling of accomplishment each time you study, they are also the most effective way to absorb and remember vast amounts of information!

Unlike other CIMA Review Courses that require long, unbroken blocks of study time to cover each lesson, Wiley enables you to master an entire lesson during your lunch or coffee break. That’s a realistic approach for your real-world schedule.

With You Until You Pass


It’s the best guarantee in the market. While other courses typically charge you 50% of the list price to re-take a level, Wiley offers all course repeats, online content updates, and software upgrades are free. We’re your partner until you pass.If you choose our Self-Study Review course and select “Until You Pass”, then your access to Wiley CIMA Exam Review does not expire.

This is our complete guarantee. There is no fine print. No paperwork to submit. No ifs, ands, or buts. With this guarantee, you get:

  • Ultimate Flexibility – Before you start studying in earnest, you can take time to browse the course and learn how to get the most out of it. Then, when you are ready to start studying, spread your study schedule over as many or as few months as you like.
  • Maximum Convenience – New job, marriage or baby? There are many events in life that may have unintended consequences on your study schedule. With Wiley, once you order, you’ll be able to use your course for as long as you need, no hassles. Just keep on learning!
  • Guaranteed Price – Your initial cost is your total cost to actually pass each level. No extras!

Don’t Pay Twice to Pass Once. With Wiley you will retain your notes, practice tests, and metrics.

Top Author


Your CIMA Exam Review course is written by Professor Shashin Shah, CFA, CFP®. Shashin has been involved with the CIMA program and IMCA since 2009 as a Subject Matter Expert. He is a Director at SFMG Wealth Advisors, an independent RIA and fee-only wealth management firm based in Dallas, Texas, and has been a practicing investment advisor since 1994.

As a Subject Matter Expert for IMCA, he helped develop IMCA’s Candidate Resource Center and was a contributor as an SME to The Investment Advisor Body of Knowledge (John Wiley & Sons, 2015). He has also worked with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business with CIMA examination preparation material and review. Prior to working as an expert with IMCA, Mr. Shah was an instructor with Kaplan Education from 2003-2008 assisting with review for the CFP Exam. He is a current ambassador for the CFP Board.