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Always Up-To-Date Study Material

Our print materials are updated year-round to reflect the most current exam content specifications and improve materials where needed. The Online Test Bank is updated on a ongoing basis to add new questions or make corrections as needed. Rest assured that, with Wiley, you’re studying with fully updated content that matches what you’ll see on exam day.

Comprehensive Study Text – Covers Every Topic You Need to Pass

Published annually, this volume contains all current IIA content requirements for each Part. Written from a student’s perspective in textbook style and format, our study text will arm test-takers with the concepts, knowledge and confidence to master each part of the CIA exam.

  • The most effective IIA-endorsed—system available to prepare for the CIA exam.
  • Filled with tree diagrams, line drawings, memory devices, tables, charts, and graphic text boxes to aid subject-matter recall.
  • Single-source, comprehensive — helps candidates zero in on areas that need work, organize their study program, and concentrate their efforts.
  • Multiple-choice questions and their solutions.
  • Guidelines, pointers, and tips show how to build knowledge in a logical and reinforcing way.

Focus Notes

Reinforce your mastery of Internal Audit Basics with this concise, easy-to- read-and-carry spiral-bound study aid.

Thoroughly review all the skills and concepts needed to pass Internal Audit Basics with this highly effective, handy set of study aids. Small, light and easy to flip through, Focus Notes are great for maximizing study time — make any time, study time.

  • Drill yourself in performing research activities, financial calculations and required spreadsheet skills and functions.
  • Includes references to authoritative literature, and key concepts, tips and tools.
  • Teaches important strategies for taking the exam faster and more accurately.
  • Provides a simplified and focused approach to solve exam questions and reinforce material being studied.
  • Includes acronyms and mnemonics to help you learn and remember a variety of rules and checklists.

Covering the entire gamut of required subjects and skills, this handy three-volume collection provides critical knowledge in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-remember format.

Online Test Bank with Over 5000 Practice Questions

Use the Wiley CIA Exam Review Online Test Bank to sharpen your skills, identify and tag weak areas for extra practice, customize question sets, and so much more.

  • Test your knowledge with over 5,300 multiple-choice practice questions with detailed answers.
  • Create unlimited custom practice sessions and tests from over 30 exam sub-topics with flagged questions, questions you haven’t seen, or questions you answered incorrectly.
  • Use the My Metrics tool to track your strengths and weaknesses and manage your data.
  • Use “Study” mode to see question explanations and instant feedback on whether you answered a question correctly and the answer rationale.
  • Use “Exam” mode to get feedback and answer rationales at the end of the session.
  • Control your question sets and select questions from any combination of Domains.
  • Cloud-based so your question sets, bookmarks and notes are stored online and accessible from anywhere.
  • PC, Mac and tablet compatible.
Part Summary Wiley Practice Questions CIA Exam Actual Test Questions
Part 1 770 125
Part 2 750 100
Part 3 3,800+ 100
Total Questions:    5,300+ 325


Written by a CIA Exam Expert

Content author S. Rao Vallabhaneni, CIA, CISA, CBA, CFSA, CRP, has authored more than 60 study aids to prepare for professional certification examinations. He earned four master’s degrees in management, accounting, industrial engineering, and chemical engineering, and holds 24 professional certifications in various business disciplines.