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It’s right there in the name, “efficient learning”; we know how to produce content that helps you produce results. We know CFP candidates have busy lives and we know that the time you devote to studying is time you’re giving up from another part of your life, so we’ve worked hard to streamline this process for candidates.

The efficient learning platform takes the stress out of planning your study time, so you can concentrate on soaking up the knowledge you need to develop your skills and ensure you’re exam-ready.

Our CFP course materials have been specifically designed to cover all 8 major domains featured in the exam in a concise way; no-nonsense, with all of the detail. We will help you focus your time where it’s needed the most, on topics we know you will have to master and the areas you know you need to strengthen in. With 500 practice questions, a full mock exam and performance metrics, you will always be able to keep on track with your learning.

When you combine this with our Self-Study Efficient Learning package, you get stand-out features such as the adaptive exam planner, professor mentoring and so much more. Click on the feature tabs on this page to discover why you should choose Wiley as your CFP study partner.

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It’s been proven; studying key information in small, no-nonsense chunks will help your ability to absorb the topic.

Our Bite-Sized Lessons are for busy, time-pressured candidates like you. Each lesson can be completed in as little as 45 minutes and includes study text and end-of-lessons practice questions to assess your understanding before you move on.

At the end of each short section, you’ll already have completed a full lesson, including study text, proficiency questions, flashcards, task-based simulations and more.

You’ll get more hands-on practice, relevant to the CAIA curriculum – Shorter, segmented lessons give you more opportunities to test your knowledge and monitor your progress. This active learning environment helps to keep you engaged throughout the exam preparation process for higher passing scores.

Wiley’s Bite-Sized LessonsSM not only give you an ongoing feeling of accomplishment each time you study, they are also the most effective way to retain vast amounts of information and get you exam-ready.

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We believe that if you’ve got the desire to learn, we’ve got the program to help you pass. Once you’re a course user with Wiley, we’re by your side until you’re certified. You’ll get updates for free with no time limit, so this means if life gets in the way, you’ve got one less thing to worry about. It also means before you start studying in earnest, you can take time to browse the course and learn how to get the most out of it. Then, when you are ready to start studying, spread your study schedule over as many or as few months as you like.

Maximum Convenience – New job, marriage or baby? There are many events in life that may have unintended consequences on your study schedule. With Wiley, once you order, you’ll be able to use your course for as long as you need, no hassles. Just keep on learning!

Don’t Pay Twice to Pass Once. With Wiley you will retain your notes, practice tests, and metrics.

Top Professors

Wiley’s CFP Exam Review team represents some of the leading finance and accounting professors in education. Drawing on years of experience teaching thousands of candidates to pass the CFP exam on Certified Financial Planner® Board registered programs, they have authored best in class study materials to help you pass too. From study guides and practice questions, to video lectures that clarify even the most complex of topics,  Wiley’s CFP study packages are designed to build your confidence for success on exam day.

Meet the team:

swarn-chatterjeeProfessor Swarn Chatterjee, PhD is Associate Professor of Financial Planning, Department of Financial Planning, Housing, and Consumer Economics for the University of Georgia. He teaches and conducts research in the Certified Financial Planner Board registered undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Georgia. Dr. Chatterjee also serves as the Associate Editor for Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning and on the editorial board of the Journal of Financial Planning. His research focuses on the performance evaluation across different stages of the financial planning process; and identification of factors that improve financial decision making among households. He has been the recipient of several research and publication awards and grants, and has published over 50 refereed papers in highly regarded journals. Dr. Chatterjee currently serves on the Boards of the Academy of Financial Services (AFS) and American Council on Consumer Interests (ACCI).

joseph-goetzProfessor Joseph Goetz, PhD teaches in the Certified Financial Planner Board registered undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Georgia. He is a co-founder of Elwood & Goetz Wealth Advisory Group, an SEC-registered, independent RIA providing comprehensive financial planning services, and the ASPIRE Clinic, which provides pro-bono financial planning services to low-income families. He has co-authored more than 50 peer-reviewed publications in the financial planning and counseling field, and received the Richard B. Russell Excellence in Teaching Award. Dr. Goetz served as the 2013 president of the Financial Therapy Association, and was recognized as the 2013 Financial Counselor of Year by the Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Education. He serves as on the editorial boards of the Journal of Financial Planning, Journal of Financial Therapy, and Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning. He has three graduate degrees in the fields of psychology, financial planning, and economics. Dr. Goetz completed his studies at the University of Missouri–Columbia, the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, and Texas Tech University.

john-grableProfessor John E. Grable, PhD, CFP® teaches and conducts research in the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Georgia where he holds an Athletic Association Endowed Professorship. Prior to entering the academic profession, he worked as a pension/benefits administrator and later as a Registered Investment Advisor in an asset management firm. Dr. Grable served as the founding editor for the Journal of Personal Finance and co-founding editor of the Journal of Financial Therapy. He is best known for his work on financial risk-tolerance assessment, behavioral financial planning, and evidence-based financial planning clinical studies. He has been the recipient of several research and publication awards and grants, and is active in promoting the link between research and financial planning practice where he has published over 100 refereed papers, co-authored three financial planning textbooks, co-authored a communication book, and co-edited a financial planning and counseling scales book. Dr. Grable currently serves on the Board of the Financial Therapy Association and writes a quarterly column for the Journal of Financial Service Professionals. He also serves as the Director of the Financial Planning Performance Lab. More information on his research and lab can be found at:

lance-palmerDr. Lance Palmer received his bachelor’s and MBA degrees from University of Utah and his doctorate degree from Utah State University. He is a co-founder of the University of Georgia (UGA) Family Financial Planning Program where he specializes in tax and retirement planning strategies. His combined expertise in tax and retirement planning are integral to the optimal management of clients’ investment portfolios as well as retirement plan design. He has co-authored scholarly publications, textbooks, and other research based material. He directs and supervises the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program at UGA which involves undergraduate and graduate students from accounting and financial planning. Under Dr. Palmer’s supervision students assist nearly one thousand individuals in completing their federal and state income tax returns. Dr. Palmer’s other work experiences include employment with KPMG, a large accounting firm, and working as a professor of financial planning at the University of Georgia for twelve years. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional.

Expert Instructors:

amy-hubbleAmy Hubble, CFA, CFP is Principal Advisor at Radix Financial, LLC, Oklahoma.

ben-jonesBen Jones, CFA, CFP, CPA, MBA has a passion for financial education and helping others reach their goals.  He earned his CPA after graduating from Indiana University and later his CFA designation in 2007.  He earned his MBA from the University of Chicago in the International Executive Program in Barcelona, Spain while living and working in Switzerland. Ben has taught thousands of students in complex concepts in accounting and finance, both at the collegiate level, as well as specifically for the CPA and CFA review.  He is best known for his knowledge in accounting and corporate finance, bringing real world situations to his learning. Ben is a Principle in his own investment management firm in Chicago, and has lived and worked in over 20 countries around the globe.

Experienced Contributors:

Lorene M. Beach, EA, CFP
Private Practice
North Andover, Massachusetts

Richard Gilman, CFP
Investment Consultant
BostonPremier Wealth, LLC
Quincy, Massachusetts

Clifford J. Jurdi, MS, CFP, ChFC
Independent Presenter and Financial Counselor
PFE Group
Exeter, New Hampshire

Todd Mulligan, CFA, CFP
Vice President, Financial Advisor, Portfolio Manager
The Mulligan Djelassi Group
Boston, Massachusetts

Robert S. Rejewski, Jr., CFP
Account Distribution Manager
John Hancock Life Insurance
Boston, Massachusetts

Carolynn Tomin, CFP
Program Director of Financial Planning Program
Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts

Digital Study Tools

Wiley’s CFP Exam Review courses are designed for today’s learners and feature a variety of digital support tools to keep you on track in your studies and ensure you’re fully prepared on exam day.

Personalized Exam Planner

The #1 reason candidates fail? They have no plan. Know exactly what and when you need to study to pass the CFP® Exam with our effective personalized Exam Planner that you can adapt and update based on your schedule, pace of learning and progress.

Powerful Online Dashboard

Wiley’s powerful e-learning platform gives you access to all of your course content and study tools in one place. Quickly access your exam plan, current and future lessons, practice exams and progress metrics via one screen. See exactly where you are in your studies with just a glance plus access all of your study materials with one click.

Progress Metrics

Are you really ready for the CFP exam? Now you can have a clear, quick answer with our progress metrics that show you exactly how well prepared you are for exam day. Quickly see the areas in which you’re strong as well as the weak areas where you should focus, so you don’t waste a minute of your precious study time.

Optimized For Phones & Tablets

Best of all, you can access your review course and Bite-Sized Lessons any time anywhere via Wi-Fi or your data plan, turning your smartphone or tablet into a powerful study tool. Make the most of the time available to you during your work commute, lunch break or down time.