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The CFP® exam is administered by appointment only during three eight-day testing windows each year: in the months of March, July, and November. Candidates can take the CFP® exam at any one of the more than 250 Prometic testing locations throughout the U.S.


2022 CFP® Exam Calendar

Exam Window;Registration OpenEducation Verification Deadline
Jul. 12-19, 2022Feb. 23, 2022Jun. 7, 2022
Nov. 2-9, 2022Jul. 15, 2022Oct. 4, 2022

Candidates receive preliminary pass/fail results upon completion of the exam at the testing center. Candidates who do not pass will receive an additional diagnostic report of their performance that covers Principal Topics including indications of testing strengths and weaknesses.

Official exam results will then be provided approximately 4 weeks after the testing window has closed to confirm official results.


Always ensure you visit for the latest information about scheduling your exam.

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