CFA Product Features & Training Material

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LOS Tracker:

The LOS Tracker, which tells you exactly where every single learning outcome statement is covered in the CFA Program Curriculum. Whenever you feel you require more background information you can easily flip to the exact page on which the relevant concept is discussed in the curriculum.


CFA Curriculum Matching:

We cover each and every Learning Outcome Statement (LOS) in the CFA Program curriculum. Further, in order to facilitate the learning process and to give you the confidence that we cover all the material relevant to the exam, the LOS form the cornerstone of our study guide readings.

cfa training material

Color Coded Analysis:

When analyzing comprehensive sets of financial statements, it can get difficult for you to keep track of the accounting numbers in the text. We make it easy for you to follow our examples with some intuitive use of color to make the learning process more smooth and enjoyable.

cfa study guide color coded

Explanatory Graphs:

Most subjects, especially Economics, Portfolio Management and Fixed Income use plenty of figures and diagrams to illustrate important concepts. Our training materials include all those figures and additional commentary to make the concepts easy to understand.

cfa explanatory graphs

Instructor Tips:

Our highly regarded authors use their years of CFA teaching experience to give you important tips and guidance along the way.


Lecture Videos

Comprehensive Video Instruction

We offer over 200 hours of thorough, articulate instruction to make sure you are able to master each and every LOS and gain a complete understanding of the material.

cfa video lectures

Practice Questions

Actual Exam Simulation

Our questions provide an ideal mix of conceptual and quantitative questions. Over the years our questions have gained a reputation for coming closest to those on the actual CFA exam. Training with our set of questions can help you feel the most prepared come exam day!

cfa exam simulation