What Makes Wiley’s CFA® Program Review Better?

You have a lot of options when selecting CFA Program study materials. Wiley’s CFA Program Review not only offers you the best content and problem-solving examples, we also offer you top value and support.

Here’s how our Platinum Course compares to the competition:
Platinum Course
Online Live Classrooms
Premium Plus
Plus 3 Day Review


$1,345 $1,395 $1,499

Pay Once Guarantee

  • Free course repeats and updates UNTIL YOU PASS

No special requirements or fine print

Must meet special requirements

Must meet special requirements

Personalized Digital Exam Planner

  • Adapts to your schedule, pace of learning, and progress

Included in all full courses

Bite-Sized Lessons

  • Topics divided into manageable chunks with Study Guide text, video lectures (80+ hours Level I & II; 50+ Level III), and practice questions
No Study Guide

5-Volume Study Guide

  • 1,300+ pages of study text available as print or e-book

Weekly Live Online Virtual Classes w/Q&A

  • All lessons recorded so you never miss a class

Practice Questions

  • CFA Institute style questions – 5,500+ for Level I; 2,000+ for Level II; 950+ for Level III
  • Results and detailed explanations in real time

Professor Mentoring

  • Post questions and get answers from CFA Program instructors in 24-48 hours

Mock Exams

  • Full-length, timed mock exams with answers and explanations
  • Linked to performance metrics

Comprehensive 11th Hour Final Review Course

  • 27+ hours of lecture video provide a final review of essential topics
  • Condensed 11th Hour Final Review Study Guide
  • Includes Mock Exam Seminar. See details below.
No Final Review summary book

Mock Exam Seminar

  • Included in 11th Hour Final Review course
  • 10+ Hours of Lecture Videos
  • CFA Program instructors walk through questions on the mock exam and offer useful exam day strategies