Rebecca Wuorio, 23, graduated from the University of New Hampshire in May 2016. By the end of the summer, she had passed the CPA Exam. Here’s how she did it…

Normally, most college students and recent grads try to enjoy the summer months–but not Rebecca. After completing her bachelor’s degree in business administration, with concentrations in accounting and finance, summa cum laude, at the University of New Hampshire, she set her sights squarely on passing the CPA Exam.

To do it, Rebecca scheduled her exams roughly three weeks apart and set about studying furiously.  “While it was kind of painful,” she says. “I had a lot of seven-hour days of study, which is definitely not fun but I crammed in all of that misery into a really short period.”

Rebecca certainly did cram everything in, too. “I would study seven days a week and I didn’t take many off days at all except for one or two days after the exam,” she says. “I would get up in the morning and I’d eat my breakfast and I’d go straight into studying at 7 a.m.”

Sticking to an Agenda

Like many of our successful candidates, the most important part for Rebecca was having a plan and sticking to her plan.

“I kept an agenda and wrote down every minute I was studying,” she says. “No phone. No Internet browsing. I tracked on my agenda, day by day, what I was doing and what I wanted to be doing.”

She also found the exam planner in the Wiley CPA course to be a great way to help stick to her agenda. “Definitely Wiley helped because I could schedule out the exact number of lessons I needed to get through in order to take the exam and have the time to review,” she says.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

One of the reasons Rebecca chose to use Wiley in her CPA Exam prep was because the course put her in control. “I Having those shorter lessons made a big difference,” she says. “It was like: ‘Today I only have six lessons, I can do this!'”

“I didn’t think I wanted a classroom setting,” she continues. “I wanted to go at my own pace.”

Rebecca certainly moved at her own pace and was able to pass all four sections of the CPA Exam by the end of her summer. The best part of working with Wiley, according to Rebecca, was just how thorough of a review she got before the exam. “Wiley was great because just the sheer volume of information they give you, you’re prepared for anything they ask you,” she says.
Tips to pass the CPA exam

A Career Head Start

After passing the CPA Exam, Rebecca still has to complete a few years of professional work experience before earning her CPA license but she’s off to a fast start, having landed a Staff Auditor job with Baker Newman Noyes, an accounting and consulting firm in Manchester, NH.

In the future, we’ll publish another blog featuring Rebecca’s career advice for new grads. So stay tuned…