Wiley’s April Student Scholarship Winner, Inara Ali

Wiley’s April Student Scholarship Winner, Inara Ali

When Inara Ali started attending Schoolcraft College in Michigan back in 2019 to study accounting, one name came up constantly: Wiley. “When I first arrived, I noticed the accounting department at Schoolcraft was using Wiley and its WileyPLUS program,” she says.

She soon realized that if she wanted to excel in school, she would have to open her arms and embrace Wiley’s materials. “To be good at assignments and to do well on exams and quizzes,” she says, “I had to study the Wiley material. That was the place to go.”

Inara, our student scholarship winner for April 2021, immersed herself in the material and her grades excelled.


Inara appreciated Wiley so much that her professor asked if she wanted to become a tutor.

Inara accepted the offer and started tutoring in Schoolcraft’s Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) program, a program that helps professors help their students in a particular subject. In this case, Inara helped with accounting.

Inara was so fluent in the WileyPLUS program that she also became a WileyPLUS Student Partner.

“As a student partner, I try to be in class before anyone else to answer questions. I send out an email telling the class that they can come to me and ask any questions, whether it be about registration, purchasing a Wiley product, even if anyone wants to know how to use WileyPLUS in a more effective way.”


Inara’s immersion in Schoolcraft’s accounting program and WileyPLUS gave her a leg up on her classmates and the confidence to move ahead in her accounting career.

“All of this involvement helps me a lot,” says Inara. “The tandem of tutoring and schoolwork makes things much easier for me. Being a Wiley Student Partner has helped me see the subject matter more clearly.”

Being a WileyPLUS Student Partner has also given Inara a peek inside Wiley as a company, something she finds as impressive as the company’s products.

“Wiley is so responsive—they give me all the help that I need,” she says. “I can’t remember a single time where I haven’t had my questions answered quickly. For example, as a Student Partner, and as a tutor, I need access to specific courses, and Wiley provides the access I need right away.”

Her affiliation with accounting and the Wiley product family has also enabled Inara to have a clearer vision of her own future. She’s currently in the Masters of Accounting program at Walsh College. She even used her scholarship money to help pay for her courses.


After receiving her Masters, Inara plans on getting her CPA.

“I’m certain I’ll stick with Wiley CPA when the time comes,” she says. “I believe wholeheartedly in the company. They haven’t let me down, and I don’t expect that to ever happen!”


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