Wiley student scholarship winner

Jenny at University of Waterloo, Accounting Major

Jenny Ho, an Accounting major at the University of Waterloo is the proud winner of Wiley’s Accounting and Finance Student Scholarship.

When Jenny first heard she’d won the Wiley Accounting and Finance Student scholarship, she was shocked and surprised. She heard about the scholarship through one of her academic advisors at her University and decided to apply without thinking much of it. “I did not expect to win. I didn’t have high hopes when I applied so I really wasn’t expecting it”. “I was so grateful”, she says. She plans on putting her scholarship award to good use by using it to pay off textbooks and help pay for living expenses.

At an early age Jenny realized the importance of accounting and found the more she got to know it, the more interesting and meaningful it became to her. “For myself, as I was growing up, I’m the eldest child of my parents who are immigrants. They weren’t very fluent in English and I had to help out with basic things in their lives,” she says. “As I grew up I realized how important accounting and finance was for not only corporations but also for individuals to make good financial decisions.” It was this personal experience that led her to pursue not only a degree–but a future career in accounting, as well.

Jenny is currently in her third year of undergrad studies for Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Waterloo. When she’s not studying or going to school, she enjoys listening to music, spending time outside when the weather is nice, or watching tv. Her favorite tv show is “Friends” and finds herself watching it when she needs a break from studying. “It’s a good laugh to put on”, she admits.

Wiley Accounting Student scholarship winner

Jenny spending time outside hiking last summer

After completing her undergraduate studies, Jenny plans on getting her master’s and becoming a CPA (with the help of Wiley CPA study materials, we hope!).

When asked where she sees herself in 5 years, she said she hopes to be working and developing her skills at a public accounting firm. She wants to gain the experience she needs to continue moving forward in her career. Jenny acknowledges that the road to becoming a CPA can be a long one, but we have no doubt she’ll stay persistent and achieve her goals.

If Jenny were to give advice to other college students pursuing a CPA, she would tell them,
“The road to being a CPA can be a long journey, but know that you’re in a very important profession that helps the world and the economy as an accountant. Be grateful and happy that you are doing that. Just look ahead because even though the journey is long, you will eventually get there and become CPA designated.”

We couldn’t agree more. Jenny, we wish you the best of luck with your accounting career journey!

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