Olu Egunjobi, 29, lives in Boise, Idaho, and just finished his master’s degree in Accounting from Boise State University as well as his BA in Accounting. At the same time, he cruised through the battery of the CPA exam and is about to start his new job as an Audit Associate at Ernst and Young.

We had the opportunity to talk to Olu about studying for the CPA exam and it turned out he had access to both Wiley and Becker study materials. Luckily, he won a raffle held by his local Accounting Society for the Wiley Platinum CPA Course and his employer gave him free access to Becker. Since he had convenient access to both review courses, he was able to speak to the two companies’ different approaches.

“I used Wiley exclusively to study for FAR,” he says. “I ended up scoring very well on that one, a 95. But because I also had access to Becker, I mixed and matched my approach from there.” In the end, Olu felt, if he had to choose between the competing products, he’d opt for Wiley.

Olu explains a few of the key benefits of using Wiley were:

  • The CPA video lectures and expert instructors.“I truly believe that the Wiley lectures were powerful. Dr. Pam Smith is a really great teacher and I just watched the videos and then did the questions along with them. I enjoyed that.”
  • The Test Bank had 12,000+ CPA practice questions. One of the real advantages Wiley has over Becker is the fact that they have so many questions in their bank. I basically used those questions to learn everything. It suited my learning style very well.”
  • The platform focuses on your weak areas with its Adaptive Review. Olu was also impressed with how the questions were grouped. “As you do those questions, it groups them. By that I mean it tells you the questions you’ve answered, the questions you’ve not answered, the questions you’ve answered incorrectly, and the questions you’ve not done at all. So, when I return to the material, I can see very clearly which questions I need to address. I don’t have to do the questions I’ve done already. I just click on a button, and it shows me questions I need to work on. Becker doesn’t have that option.”
  • The Bite-Sized Lessons. The other thing that Wiley did better than Becker, Olu believes, was that its lectures were broken up into easy-to-learn modules; in his word, “bites.” “You can watch something short and you’ve basically covered a single topic in depth. It seems like Wiley goes in depth on all the possible topics that could be tested but in a brief way. With Becker, the material didn’t break down that way.”
  • The content was up to date. One additional facet that Olu appreciated about Wiley was that the material emphasized the likelihood of a concept being included on the exam. “I appreciated that they talked very honestly about what could be on the exam and what is not historically tested. That gave me a chance to put the emphasis on certain material and not on others.”

Olu’s approach to studying proved successful. In addition to FAR, on which he scored a 95, he received a 91 on Audit, a 95 on BEC, and a 93 on REG. “I really liked Wiley overall,” he says.

“If I had to pay for a single product out of my pocket I would pay for Wiley. And I say that not only because it’s less expensive to buy, but because the overall quality is better.”

Olu decided that Wiley gave him the best chance to succeed, and he was right. But see for yourself! Compare Wiley’s CPA Review Course options today and ensure you have everything you need to pass the CPA exam.