Supplemental_questions_4We ask CPA candidates all the time what they find most useful as they study for the exam. The most common answer? Practice questions — the more, the better!

That’s why we just added another 2,400 CPA Exam questions with detailed answers to Wiley CPAexcel.

If you’re keeping count, that brings the total number of practice questions available in our Platinum CPA Review Course to 12,000–the most of any CPA Review Course in the industry.

Practice Questions Overview

 Why Do CPA Exam Practice Questions Matter?

The CPA Exam covers a huge amount of information on a range of topics. The best way to learn and retain so much information is break it all down into manageable pieces. That’s why our Bite-Sized Lessons are so effective.

Practice questions are an extension of this — they let you quickly “test” your knowledge of a topic and validate your answers and rationale. The key is to focus on learning rather than memorizing and to do that you need variety, a.k.a. a lot of practice questions.

Immediately Available to Current Users

Current Wiley CPAexcel users can access these additional practice questions immediately with no download or update required. Log in to check them out.

The new questions are accessible as “Supplemental Questions” under the “Supplemental Materials” section of each lesson. Here’s a helpful screen-grab.


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