CMA Exam Lesson + Sample Questions – Intro to Risk & Risk Management


In this installment of our free video lecture series, we’re focusing on a common CMA Exam topic: Risk. Introduction to Risk & Risk Management All organizations face the risk of negative events. CMA candidates must understand the variables of risk and how organizations can manage the possibility of loss. This free video lecture highlights some of…

How To Interpret Your CMA Exam Score


The CMA Exam has a unique scoring system that can sometimes be confusing for candidates. Here’s everything you need to know to correctly interpret your CMA Exam score. When Are CMA Exam Scores Released? Essays are graded offline by ICMA, the certifying body of the IMA, so do not expect to see your results the…

The Timeline for CPA Exam Prep

Ever wonder what a good timeline might be for preparing for the CPA Exam? CPAexcel is here to help! Passing the CPA Exam is a multi-step process. It’s important to  follow a fixed set of exam eligibility requirements and enrollment dates established by the Board of Accountancy in the jurisdiction where you intend to practice….