11 Reasons Everyone Wants to Become a CPA

Reasons for Becoming a CPA

We recently asked you to share with us your reasons for becoming CPAs. What you gave us was truly amazing. It turns out you all are a diverse bunch. Your reasons for pursuing certification are as varied and inspiring as you are. Read on to see 11 of the reasons you shared for wanting to become…

One Woman’s Remarkable Journey to Becoming a CPA

Becoming a CPA

Carrie Benson is a remarkable woman, and so is her journey to becoming a CPA. After raising her children as a single mother, Carrie went back to school at age 50 and got her accounting degree. And now, at age 56, she has passed her CPA Exam.

Donna Edge’s CPA Exam Story – Part 2

This week we pick up once again with part 2 of Donna Edge’s personal CPA Exam Story and discover how she overcame the challenges and hurdles on her path to conquering the CPA Exam – Continued from Donna Edge’s CPA Exam Story – Part 1 – Please note that this blog post chronicles Donna’s personal…

Donna Edge’s CPA Exam Story – Part 1

“What I Learned on my CPA Exam Journey” Background: I graduated with my Accounting Degree in 1995. I took the paper exam twice. Used a live review and did not study much outside of the both times. Said I would NEVER go through that again! Worked in public accounting for 6 years then became a…