How Studying at the Beach Can Help Your CPA Exam Review

CPA Exam Review at Beach

Think studying for your CPA Exam over the summer means missing out on all the fun the season has to offer? Think again. The modern miracle that is the Internet makes it possible to study pretty much anywhere, including the beach. In fact, doing your CPA Exam review at the beach could be more effective…

A Q&A with CPA Ninja Jeff Elliott from Another 71

Wiley CPAexcel sat down with Jeff Elliott, CPA ninja and founder of the CPA Exam Review Web site, to find out a few things about him. We wanted to know the man behind this highly popular CPA Exam review site and to learn how he got started in the CPA field.

10 Reasons Why We Created the Virtual Classroom Series

In support of two new Virtual Classroom sections – AUD and FAR – starting soon, we wanted to provide a better understanding for the CPAexcel Virtual Classroom Series and learn why we created this as a supplement to our course. This article also covers the general details of what students can glean from participation. Using…