For all of the procrastinators out there, this blog entry is for you. As professionals in the accounting career field, we all know that procrastination can halt even the best plans. sometimes we all just need a good empathetic pep talk from others who have traveled this road before us. If this is your case then read on CPA Exam warrior…

Procrastination…this is a word that haunts me and has become part of my permanent vocabulary since I began studying for the CPA. I have already passed BEC and moved onto studying for AUD. In any normal circumstance, most of us studying for the CPA would consider this a first step and a pretty good one at that. When I first found out I passed, I felt just that. I thought it was a great step and felt like passing this whole thing might just be possible. We all feel like that after hearing the news of passing our first part. I can do this…I can really do this.

Procrastination…then the word comes to me and haunts me.

Just days ago, I received an email from my state board that I have just 8 months before losing credit for BEC. 8 months!! I haven’t even started studying for AUD. I have made excuses all these months for beginning my study routine. My first excuse was my family. After all, I should really have a break in between parts to spend some quality time. The next excuse was fiscal year end at my job. For me, fiscal year end is pretty rigorous. I am heavily involved and it lasts about 6 weeks. Why should I start studying at fiscal year end? I work a lot of overtime and it wouldn’t be smart for me to start. Well, here I am now, 10 months later.

I have now committed to start my routine and get ready for AUD in April. This time, I modified all of my excuses to become reasons for making the commitment. My family and my job can only benefit from my success, and I have support from both. I am removing procrastination from my vocabulary.

Ramblings gleaned from a CPA Exam student working in higher education accounting

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