Spotlight: Deep Dive Videos Help You To Master Tricky CPA Topics

Master Tricky CPA Topics with Deep Dive Videos The sheer volume of material you have to learn for the CPA Exam can be overwhelming at times .

At Wiley, we know that, even if you schedule your time and follow your study plan, there are still a few tricky CPA topics that are likely to trip you up.

That’s why we’ve added an awesome new feature,  Deep Dive Videos , now INCLUDED with the  Wiley CPAexcel Platinum CPA Review Course .

A Deeper Look at Key Concepts –
Get 4 Free Deep Dives Now

The Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review Course is renowned for its Bite-Sized Lesson format, which breaks down complex topics to roughly 20-to-30-minute lessons that are easy to digest. This method has been proven time and time again to help you learn faster and retain more of what you learn.

But 30 minutes simply isn’t enough for tricky CPA topics like Accrual Accounting!

Our new deep dive videos are roughly 10 to 20 minutes long each and provide additional explanation and problem-solving for students who want them. We cover a number of tricky CPA topics with 60+ deep dive videos in the  Platinum CPA Review Course .

Take a look at four free samples…

AUD You didn’t pass – what do you do now?
By Professor Jeanne Yamamura, Ph.D., CPA, MIM — University of Nevada, Reno
BEC Variable Costing and Absorption Costing
By Professor B. Douglas Clinton, Ph.D., CPA, CMA — Northern Illinois University
FAR Comparison of LIFO – FIFO – Weighted Average
By Professor Pam Smith, Ph.D., CPA, MBA — Northern Illinois University
REG Title and Risk of Loss
By Professor Marianne M. Jennings, J.D. — Arizona State University

Each video focuses solely on one key topic and digs in deep with accompanying lecture slides so you can take notes. You can revisit and rewatch our deep dive videos as many times as you need to fully grasp the concept.




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