Thi Nguyen, Accounting Major at Gwinnett Technical College

Born in Vietnam and now living in Georgia, Thi Nguyen is the proud recipient of Wiley’s monthly student scholarship. “When I heard that I was winning this scholarship,” she says, “I was thrilled and felt lucky. Winning this scholarship is not easy. I really didn’t think that I would win it. But what an amazing feeling!”

Right now, Thi is an accounting major at Gwinnett Technical College in Lawrence, Georgia, and has a part-time job at a tax prep and accounting service company near school. “I love being able to help customers with their problems,” she says, sounding every bit like a mature accountant. “I also demand a lot from my work. I want to get the job done as quickly, accurately, and efficiently as possible.”

When she’s not working or going to school, Thi clears her mind listening to music, cooking, or watching shows like “Shark Tank” and “Running Man,” a Korean game show. “All of the activities I do in my spare time,” she says, “help me focus when I’m done. I really think it’s important at this time in my life to focus on learning and working.”

Thi heard about the Wiley scholarship from an accounting professor at school. “I was so happy she did,” she says.

“This scholarship amount is meaningful to me. Like other students, I have to work very hard to have money to cover my living expenses. Receiving this scholarship has dramatically reduced the financial burden on my family. I have to pay a sizable amount of annual auto insurance soon, and this scholarship could help me pay for that. It also allows me to save some money to purchase school supplies for future semesters.”

Thi pledges to study hard to finish her associate degree in accounting before heading to college for her BA. But that’s not all. Thi has even bigger plans:

“If I have enough time and money, I want to also study for a master’s degree in accounting. I really want to learn more about subjects like finance and marketing. I have a lot of ambition for the future, and I will try my very best to finish those plans.”

Thi’s work ethic and intense focus will serve her well as she makes her way through her education and into the full-time workforce. Before you know it, she’ll be studying (with Wiley CPA Exam Review, we hope!) for her CPA exam. “The way I see it, Wiley is a famous company and has a long history of more than 200 years. I have even seen this brand in Vietnamese bookstores. It feels like the company has long-term financial support in educating its customers, which makes me feel very appreciative of the work Wiley does and the scholarships they provide to people like me!”

Thi, we wish you the best of luck with your education and career journey!

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