People Cheering around LaptopAs a result of valuable customer feedback, Wiley has made several technical upgrades to our December 2017 Level I CFA Exam Review Course and all of our 2018 courses.

If you have an existing Wiley course and plan to sit for the Level I CFA exam in December 2017 or later, contact customer service to request access to the upgraded course. Please know that your current metrics will not migrate.

If you are sitting for the June exams, please continue to use your current course until your exam results are out. If needed, you can then contact us to access the new December 2017 Level I course.

What’s New in This Upgrade?

Test Bank

  • Now integrated within the “Overview” in each lesson so you can run a custom quiz for that specific lesson.
  • Quiz yourself in “Study” mode, with answers shown after finishing each question, or “Exam” mode, with answers shown when then entire quiz is completed.
  • Run a custom quiz tied to an individual study session, reading or lesson directly from the Test Bank home page.

Exam Planner & Dashboard

  • In My Metrics, you can now rename, archive or delete any assessment, Test Bank quiz or mock exam.
  • Exam Planner and Calendar displays have been optimized and the expandable pull-down menu in Syllabus makes it easier to understand where you are in your studies.
  • In the Syllabus, the points weighting for each assignment is shown by mousing over the space between the “Progress” and “Grade” columns.

Lesson Menu

  • Add supplemental content such as Flashcards or lecture slides to a lesson using  the “+” icon on the page menu. It can also hide content.

Print Functionality

  • Use the “Print” icon at the top right of lesson page and choose to print specific “Overview”, “Study Text” or “Notes and Highlights” content.
  • When you finish any quiz or exam, you can now print the assessment review page, including the questions, correct answers and rationales.

The content of the course has not changed so using the current June Level I course will not negatively affect your studies. We will continue to support the current course beyond the June exam but the content will not be updated beyond June–so upgrade then, if needed.