Time is of the essence when it comes to the CMA exam, where just a few moments can either make or break or your score. Today’s time-saving tips come to you by way of Jan Kooiman, certified CMA and CMA instructor. The main takeaway: Keyboard trumps mouse on test day!

Keyboard Outperforms Mouse on Exam Day

1. Select your answers with your keyboard: If you want to select answer “A”, hit “a” on the keyboard. It’s as easy as that! This may appear insignificant – however, if you save three seconds per question, over the course of 100 questions you will have five extra minutes to spend strategically addressing questions instead of frantically selecting “C” at the end of the exam.

2. Use your keyboard to move to the next question: Your keyboard is much more efficient than trying to hit a small circle with an even tinier arrow. To move to the next question hit “Alt-n” on the keyboard (Tip: “N” for “next”).

3. Use your keyboard to move to the previous question: To move to the previous question, hit “Alt-p” on the keyboard (Tip: “P” for “previous”).

4. Mark questions with your keyboard: If you come across a particularly difficult question early on in the exam, mark the question for later. All questions are equally weighted on the exam, so it’s best to get as many answered as quickly as possible and return to the difficult ones at the end of the exam. To mark a question with your keyboard hit “Alt-m” (Tip: “M” for “mark”).

These quick test day tips could mean the difference between a passing or failing score – so, when all else fails just remember: Keyboard > Mouse.

Do you have any tried and true test day tips? If so, be sure to share them in the comments below!