Do you ever feel like you’re being lazy when you’re not accomplishing the study goals that you set for yourself?  Perhaps it’s really just a matter of inspiration! Our guest blogger, Joe Hoyle with CPA Review for Free, discusses what it means to be lazy versus uninspired and how to stop the negative feedback we sometimes give ourselves when we are simply uninspired by our work.

Lazy, no. Uninspired, yes!

I gave a presentation recently at the Kentucky Accounting Educator’s Conference.    At some point, I made a comment that dealing with lazy students is often challenging.    On the way to the airport, Randy Hahn who teaches at Kentucky State told me something he had heard from Zig Ziglar, the famous motivational speaker.   According to Ziglar, there are no lazy people – they are only people who are uninspired.

I thought that was extremely insightful.  It is something I have thought about a lot since that time.   We tend to think about ourselves and others in negative terms – “that person is lazy” or “I’m just lazy” – as if it were a disease without a cure.   However, in truth, most people (if not all) will get up and get working if they become inspired.   Some people become inspired by money, some by fame, some by personal recognition, some by reward.    The key is not to dwell on a person’s so-called laziness.   The key is to think about what is needed to inspire that person.

If you are preparing for the CPA Exam and you keep getting frustrated by your own laziness, stop fussing at yourself.   It probably will not change anything.   Think about what inspires you.   What gets you excited?   What gets you interested?   How can you work that inspiration into your studies?   The problem is really not laziness.   The problem is that you are not sufficiently inspired.

  • People can accomplish almost anything if they are properly inspired.
  • People can virtually leap tall buildings in a single bound if they are properly inspired.
  • People can go well beyond what they believe is possible if they are properly inspired.
  • People can almost accomplish miracles if they are properly inspired.

If you end a day and you are frustrated because you just seemed lazy so that you didn’t accomplish much, remember that laziness is not an incurable disease.   It is really a lack of inspiration.

So what can you do that might inspire you? 

Think of the kinds of things you would really be willing to work for and set those up as a goal.  Don’t define yourself as a negative.   Instead figure out how to positively inspire yourself to do more and do it better.