We still don’t have self-driving cars, but robots and artificial intelligence are already infiltrating accounting. As more repetitive accounting tasks become automated, earning your Certified Management Accountant credential can help you future-proof your career. 

Artificial Intelligence Enters Accounting

Have you seen the latest commercial campaign from the IMA? It’s pretty funny but it’s also 100% true: More and more repetitive accounting tasks are being automated.

Future-proof Your Career with the Right Skills

Accountants who want ensure career viability and succeed in the long term must develop expertise in data analytics, data science, business intelligence, and information systems. Very little of that you’ll get from your college accounting courses — but these are skills you’ll gain through completing the CMA Program and passing the CMA exam, not to mention more traditional (yet high-demand) skills like financial planning, decision support, internal controls, and risk management.

Best of all, when you become a Certified Management Accountant, you’ll have the full weight of the IMA in your corner, helping to future-proof your career. The IMA is constantly working to help its members gain new skills and improve their career readiness, especially when it comes to working in an increasingly automated work environment.

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