We’re digging deep into the FAR section of the CPA Exam with the latest free video lecture from Wiley CPAexcel on cash flow hedges. This is a topic that always seems to trip people up so take copious notes! 

Prof. Pam Smith Explains It All

Prof. Pam Smith of Northern Illinois University returns for another informative, in-depth lecture for anyone preparing to sit for the FAR section of the CPA Exam.

This 15-minute lecture covers the accounting for a cash flow hedge. As the name of the use implies, the purpose of this hedge is to reduce the variability related to uncertain future cash flows. This lesson defines cash flow hedges, the requirements that must be met in order for cash flow hedge accounting, and the accounting for the derivative and related hedged item.

Feel free to watch this video as many times as you need until you’ve got it …

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