Student learning and taking notesIn the latest installment of our free CMA Exam lecture series, this in-depth video lesson covers a topic you’re sure see to see regularly on the exam: Receivables. Let’s get started … 

What to Know About Receivables

Receivables, also known as accounts receivable or just A/R, are debts owed to a company by its customers for goods/services already delivered. Accounting for receivables can sometimes be tricky, so it’s a topic that CMA candidates must master.

In this 25-minute lesson, we cover a number of important topics, including:

  • What are Receivables?
  • Credit Risk
  • Methods of Accounting for Bad Debts
  • Factoring Receivables

It’s a jam-packed lesson, so be sure to take notes and rewatch as many times as you need to ensure you’ve mastered this common CMA exam topic.

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