December is fast approaching … To fully prepare you for the tough questions you’re guaranteed to see on Exam Day, we’re hosting a free one-hour webinar s with CFA expert Darren Degraaf, CMA, CFA, CPA. Don’t miss it!

11th Hour Study Tips and Tricks
with Darren Degraaf, CMA, CFA, CPA

Date: Saturday 7 November 2015

Time: 9am ET / 2pm BT


This 11th Hour webinar offers free test-taking tips and tactics for Level I candidates to conquer the CFA® exam.

This webinar will focus on:

  • 7 common mistakes on the CFA® exam and how to avoid them.
  • How to maximise your last weeks of study to increase your score.
  • Practical tips for the day before the exam.
  • Essential exam day strategies – from how to behave to when and how you should guess.
  • What to bring (and what not to!) and how to avoid strife on the big day itself.
  • How to create and maintain the right attitude and mind set, which is essential for a solid score.
  • Plus live interactive Q&A.

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