#CPAdream ContestWhy do you to be a CPA? Do you want to get out of a dead-end job? Do you just love accounting? Do you want to help people?

Here’s your chance to tell us (and the world) about your #CPAdream and possibly win a Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review Course in the process. 

Wiley CPAexcel’s #CPAdream Photo Content

Becoming a Certified Public Accountant (as you undoubtedly know by now) is no easy feat. But the payoff at then end of the journey is totally worth it.

As we enter the heart of CPA Exam season, we thought we’d try to help you remember exactly why you’re putting in all these long hours of studying.

Share why *you* want to be a CPA in our #CPAdream photo competition. The winner gets a Wiley CPAexcel Platinum CPA Review Course.*

#CPAdream example

How To Enter

1) Think about why you really want to become a Certified Public Accountant.

2) Take a photo of that inspiration. We encourage you to be as creative or funny as you like, or you can just simply write it out and take a picture.

3) Upload to our #CPAdream page here.

4) Then, most importantly, share you inspiration with your friends and followers on social media using #CPAdream and encourage them to vote for you.

The #CPAdream with the most votes wins.

The competition runs April 6-11. So the sooner you upload and share your #CPAdream, the more votes you’ll get.

Hold onto your #CPAdream photo for

motivation as you prepare for the CPA Exam! 

Good luck — and be sure to follow Wiley CPAexcel on Facebook and Twitter for all the updates about our #CPAdream contest.


*Already have our CPA Review Course? Then we’ll give you  a refund for your purchase!

If you’re a fan of reading fine print, the full terms and conditions are right here.