CPAexcel recently ran a contest on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, asking CPA Exam students to give us their best study tips when preparing to take the CPA Exam. We received a lot of great advice; enough to inspire us to compile all of the tips into one place for easy reference. The results are below.

CPA Exam Students’ Study Tips (in their own words*):

Read the textbook, do the practice quiz and really understand why you got the answer wrong. Flashcards are pretty much a waste of time for me, so the best thing is to read the textbook once and go through all of the practice questions one time and two more times after you’re completely done with a whole textbook. Oh yeah and don’t forget to pray, too!
Victoria Vinnikova-Tiutyama

Practice, practice and practice.
Barsha Ghimire

Study while sober.
Leah Hahn

Study flash cards that you make yourself!! Not pre-printed ones! And do questions, questions and questions!
Christina Gutierrez

Study your butt off!
Naveed Hussain

Each night after you have finished your lessons for the day, do a batch of 20 – 50 questions of all the material you have studied so far. This keeps the things you studied first fresh in your mind come exam time!
Thomas Perry

Study with the 3D Formula – Determination, Dedication and Discipline.
CA Munish Sharma

Know thy self…
What kind of learner are you? Visual? Auditory? Kinesthetic?
Then PUSH!
Pray until something happens.
Carlead Stun

1. Do a question; check the answer for that question immediately. No matter whether your answer is right or wrong. Go through the full explanation of why the three choices are wrong and/or why the 4th choice is right.
2. Covering the answer choices with an index card (especially for questions that needs calculations) helps me from getting distracted and prevents me from working backwards.
3. Understand the concepts. Don’t memorize mindlessly. Stop spending lot of time on online forums and focus on studying. Keep your goal of passing the CPA Exam in mind and don’t give into temptations. The more you procrastinate/waste time, the more it takes to pass the 4 sections which increases tension, expense and effort. All the best!
Sumathi Vijayakumar

1. Write it down
2. Say it out loud
3. Tape it to the bathroom mirror
4. Prepare a summary
5. Prepare a last minute study pack
6. Prepare your own flash cards
7. Link the concepts to real-life situations
8. Use mnemonics with caution
9. Draw an example
10. Bond with a study buddy
11. Review study strategies
12. Take the time to sleep
13. Try keeping it quiet
14. Just keep going
Betty Apuni Tegegne

Think of all the possible questions in every problem then solve them one by one.
Gell Colegado

1. Read the lesson to familiarize yourself
2. Read again to understand
3. Read for the third time to be sure of what you understand
4. Answer all questions without looking at the solutions
5. Compute the correct answers to know your score
6. Then answer them all again until you get the perfect score!
7. And PRAY that you won’t forget what you have LEARNED.
Ruby Too Seen

Persistence with great information is the key. You can do this with CPAexcel study every day.  CPAexcel will help you but you have to help yourself, too.
Nina Mundy Debelo

1. Attend all session
2. Understand the concepts
3. Ask for clarification when you don’t understand
4. Draw a personal timetable which will cover all the units
5. Balance theory and calculation for all units
6. Don’t procrastinate
Wambui Mwangi

Practice as many questions as possible.
Anandhavalli Sathappan

A perfect study time table gives you immense motivation and confidence to go through the exam. Go for a perfect time table and maintain that time to gain confidence.
Mohit Kejriwal

Answer as many CPA Exam questions as you can. Check your answers and then take note of the wrong ones. Find out where you went wrong and go through the examination again until you’re satisfied with the result. Practice a lot of test questions and do above. The exam is not so far away from the review materials. So, every day you should be able to at least cover two subjects.
Yan Carbz

Study as many questions as you can…practice, practice and practice.
Lien Phan

Really focus on studying and don’t worry about having a social life until all testing is completed.
Johanna Jaramillo

Study in a relaxing area. Have a sound machine going or some classic music playing. Don’t have harsh lighting. Maybe have some chocolate cookies on hand as well!
Kaylee Winegar

Lots of sunflower seed and gum!
Mary Kay Bunting

Coffee, relaxing music and plenty of snacks.
Kyreena Michelle Leggert

*Some small wording changes have been made to correct grammatical and spelling errors.