Theodore Roosevelt wrote, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort,  pain, difficulty…”

Passing the CPA exam is difficult and requires effort. The first time I sat for the CPA exam, back in the paper and pencil days, I walked in without studying. I had great intentions to study; but, work and family were more of a priority and studying was not nearly as rewarding.

My results surprised me. While I didn’t pass, I came very close and it encouraged me to study. I put a plan in place and I followed it without a single “cheat day “…almost. My professional goal of becoming a CPA became a priority.  I made my family and work colleagues my cheerleaders.  And, I passed.

I’ve run three marathons and performed in musicals and concerts and the same principles allowed me similar success and the wonderful feeling of accomplishment. In fact, the discipline can be addicting.

Get addicted! Make studying a means to a goal that you are so committed to that it becomes your priority. Recruit a support system.

And, use Wiley CPAexcel’s exam planner to add the structure you need to succeed. Structured drives out unstructured and your commitment to the structure of your exam planner will pay off in a pass …every time.