iStock_000064929193_SmallThis is our first installment of free video lectures for CFA® exam candidates. We’ll be posting one lesson each month from Wiley’s CFA® Exam Review Course so be sure to check back often. This month, we tackle currency exchange rates as part of the CFA® Level I exams.

Currency Exchange Rates In-Depth

Many CFA candidates find exchange rates to be confusing, and for good reason. It’s a very complex topic that involves a number of constantly changing variables.

This video lecture should help to clear up this concept for you.  It features the wildly popular Basit Shajani, CFA, who will spend the next two hours (yes, two hours!) walking you through everything you need to know and remember from the reading #21 for the Level I CFA exam.


You can see why Basit is so well known and popular for his CFA instruction. He provides great, clear explanations.

Please check our Blog each month for a new video lecture plus last minute CFA exam tips.