CFA® Program Exam Results and Study Strategies Class

CFA Exam Results and CFA Exam Study Strategies

Wiley’s Interactive Webinar for Levels I, II, and III of the CFA Program Exam

Thursday, July 27, 2017, 1– 2pm ET
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Attention all Levels I, II, and III CFA Program exam candidates –  whatever your result, be sure to join our newest online class on Thursday, July 27 hosted by two of Wiley’s top CFA Program instructors, Peter Olinto and Darren Degraaf. This live webinar is designed to help you make sense of your CFA Program exam score and provide useful information that will help you study for the next exam cycle.

During this interactive webinar, our top CFA Program exam instructors, Peter Olinto and Darren Degraaf, will answer your questions and offer expert tips and advice you won’t want to miss.

What you’ll learn from attending:

  • How to understand your CFA Program exam score and use it to identify your strengths and your weaknesses
  • How to create an effective study strategy for success in the next round
  • How each level of the CFA Program exam is structured (scoring, topics, weighting, LOS, levels)
  • Common pitfalls are as you progress to the next level and how to overcome them
  • What is the best order to study the topics and what to focus on first
  • Helpful time-saving tips, from setting up your calculator to how to answer vignette-style questions
  • What free resources are available and how can Wiley help

Can’t attend live? This class will also be recorded so register here to be notified when it is available to watch on demand.


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