Stress business woman
Ah, hear that? That’s the sound of 227,000 CFA candidates around the world collectively sighing out the last of their tension and anxiety following another harrowing CFA exam.

It’s finally over — but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun! It’s time for …  Tales From CFA Exam Hell – June 2018 Edition!

First, The Run-up …


The Loving Support Network

Wow … Halal Chicken, Really?!?

Let’s Give it Up for the Real Heroes from r/CFA

Equipment Malfunction

Chicago Table collapsed from r/CFA

The Bathroom Was the Place to Be

Bathroom Ethics Violator from r/CFA

OK, Who Got Arrested!?

Boston Exam – Who got arrested? from r/CFA

All True


Shell Shocked




Party Time!


Great Job, Everyone!