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The Future of Accounting Belongs to CMAs


The Future of Accounting Is Here Automation and Artificial Intelligence are changing traditional accounting practices every day around the world. If you’re a CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) you aren’t worried. CMAs have mastered the 11 most crucial practice areas in management accounting, meaning they’ll be the ones making the big decisions and setting the strategy…

Motivations Matter: a CPA Exam Success Factor


Motivation Is Key to CPA Exam Success When successful candidates look back at their CPA Exam process, their motivation is something that really stands out, and it’s important to know that not all motivation is the same. In general, motivation is simply the degree to which a person wants and actively decides to engage in…

The 5 Types of Meetings Project Managers Need To Master


Meetings provoke strong emotions for many professionals. When used with skill, meetings are a way to share information, solve problems, make decisions and build relationships. When they’re run poorly, they burn up precious time and create frustration. Given how many meetings project managers attend, there’s a great ROI to thinking ahead to plan your meetings….

How to Get More Experience Hours for Your PMP Application

PMP exam requirements

You’re excited to apply for the PMP certification. Your colleagues have told you how it opens new doors in your career. After visiting the PMI website, you start to read about the requirements…. Then you see it – experience hours! Thousands of them! How are you supposed to get through this requirement? Why PMP Experience…

Time to Switch to Your 2017 Course

On September 30, we will retire the outdated 2016 Wiley CPAexcel Review Course material, as well as our original learning platform. If you have not already done so, please take the time to switch to the 2017 Wiley CPAexcel Review Course immediately.

Introducing the Next Generation of Our Mobile App

Wiley Efficient Learning mobile app

Life is busy and filled with an overwhelming amount of options. With all this noise, finding what you need can sometimes be challenging. And in a world of this much choice, having a familiar place to study, especially when you’re on the go, is key to effective learning. Today, we are introducing the next generation…

Essential FRM Exam Calculator Shortcuts


What if we told you could save minutes–literally minutes–during the FRM exam? That’s valuable time you could use to recheck your answers and ensure you get the highest score possible. And all you have to do is learn a few calculator shortcuts. Essential FRM Exam Calculator Shortcuts Maybe you’re familiar with this thing? It’s a Texas Instruments…

5 CFA® Exam Study Hacks That Will Save You on Exam Day

CFA Exam

The Level I CFA exam can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned financial analysts. Being prepared required hundreds of hours of study and structured review. Here are five study hacks to help you get ready the right way. 1. Start Early (Earlier Than You Think!) Successful CFA candidates study, in general, at least 300 to…