Are you thinking about growing your career by becoming a CPA? We are pleased to be posting a series of articles detailing the steps necessary to make this happen. This week’s article features the process of applying to take the CPA Exam.

How Do I Apply to Take the CPA Exam?

New Candidates:

If you are a new candidate and have NOT taken the CPA Exam before, the first step is to select the State Board of Accountancy where you wish to apply. Then request an application from the appropriate source. Many states use CPA Examination Services (CPAES) to process all applications. To determine whether your jurisdiction uses CPAES or processes applications directly through your Board of Accountancy visit AICPA’s website. You can also request an exam application from CPAES by calling 1-800-CPA-EXAM or by contacting your Board of Accountancy. Contact and CPA Exam information for each of the 55 Boards of Accountancy is available on CPAexcel’s web site or by visiting, and clicking on “Examination,” and then “Uniform CPA Examination.” Many Boards of Accountancy offer downloadable applications that enable you to apply online.Repeat Candidates:

If you HAVE previously taken the CPA Exam, we recommend that you apply to CPAES or your Board of Accountancy to take your remaining exam sections as soon as possible. In general, all exam sections must be passed within an 18 month period. You will lose your credit if you don’t pass the remaining sections within 18 months of passing your first section. Do not lose your opportunity: apply now!

Access to Professional Literature:

Once you have applied to take the CPA Exam and are deemed eligible by your Board of Accountancy, check out the AICPA Online Professional Library for additional professional literature sources that can be accessed online.

More Information and Questions:

For more information on the application and exam scheduling process, check out the “How do I apply to take the CPA Exam?” page. If you have additional questions, we are here to help you! Please contact us at or call 888.884.5669 (N. America) or 928.204.1066 (International). We look forward to assisting you.