The new sample test for the next version CPA Exam is now available on the AICPA website. The updated sample test provides a preview of exam content as well as the new interface and functionality you will experience on exam day starting April 1, 2018.



2018 CPA Exam User Experience Changes

Because the new AICPA interface will be windows based, you will find the new look and feel intuitive.

We are confident you will feel comfortable with the new interface and, to ensure that, we’re changing our interface to match the AICPA’s.

A few things to notice:

  1. Any additional “resources” needed to complete a task-based simulation are not on a separate tab and you will not need to split your screen to see both the work tab and the “resources” tab.
  2. The working screen will always appear on the left and the right side of the screen will be used to display any extra information you need to complete a task-based simulation.
  3. The spreadsheet currently on the exam will be replaced with a fully-functioning Excel. Using this “tool” is still not a required element of the exam.
  4. The windows can be tiled or cascaded.
  5. The windows can be moved.
  6. The “#2 yellow pencil” icon currently denoting the working tab on a task-based simulation is gone…gone . . . gone.
  7. It’s so much more intuitive!

Should you delay taking your exam for the new interface? Absolutely not. The new interface will not make the exam easier or harder. Take your exam sections as soon as you are eligible. Start today.

You can find more detailed information about the new CPA Exam user experience on AICPA’s website.

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